The labs are step-by-step exercises to demonstrate the techniques covered in the Topics. There are also videos that go along with these labs. The videos and topic pages related to each lab are linked within each lab page for further reading or viewing.

There is a lab activity for nearly every class in the first half of the semester.  The labs contain the basic steps you need to go through to understand the principles discussed in class that week. You should complete the steps outlined in the lab activity each week, so that you understand practically what it is we’re talking about. Then think of a simple application for what you’ve just learned. Document your lab work on your blog. Include any insights or problems, and details not covered in the class or the lab that you think will be useful for your fellow students and future students in this class.

There are also many labs for topics not covered in the syllabus. These are meant as examples for techniques that students often ask about in this class.