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Physical Computing Workshops by Residents

If you’re skeptical about this whole pcomp thing, not sure where that wire goes, or why your code isn’t uploading … PComp workshops are the answer!

At these workshops you can work on labs, build and develop projects, ask questions, get feedback, and everything else related to pcomp. Plus, meet your classmates and see what everyone’s working on!

Haven’t done this week’s lab / homework? 
Do it at the workshop and get your questions answered at the same

When? Mondays at 4:00pm-5:30pm & Thursdays 2:00pm-3:30pm EST

Where? Shop

RSVP here! https://forms.gle/sEumAicobZoBwFz49 (Forgot to RSVP? No worries, come on over!)

Can’t make it to a workshop? Book some office hours! Visit → itp.nyu.edu/help/office-hours or talk to one of us

Your PComp Residents,
Gracy, Bianca, Maya, & Shuang

P.S. Coding Lab is another option for help with your Arduino code 🙂