Office Hours

Administrative Staff

NameEmailSubject AreasAppointments Page
George Agudowgea1@nyu.eduAdministrative DirectorEmail for appt.
ea979@nyu.edusocial media, special events, IMA academic advising, clubs, internships, buddy systemClick here.
Dante DelGiaccodpd266@nyu.eduregistration, grading, records, academic policies and procedures, CPT and internship, OPTClick here, or email for appt.
Benjamin Lightbl1236@nyu.edufabrication, engineering, design, making, shopClick here.
Shirley Linsl5244@nyu.edubudget, class schedulingEmail for appt.
Rob Ryanrr69@nyu.edutechnical operations, equipment, shop, floor hours, student workersClick here.
Blair Simmonsbis233@nyu.eduIMA registration, degree requirements & waivers, diversity & inclusionClick here.
Midori Yasudamly2@nyu.eduadmissions, scholarships, leave of absences, ITP, IMA advising, IMA Low Res.Email for appt.
Adrian Mandevilleam13084@nyu.edugeneral ITP/IMA inquiries, student hiring, room, classroom scheduling locker/bin assignments, website updatesEmail for appt.

Full-Time Faculty

NameEmailSubject Areas / ClassesAppointments Page
Gabe<CL: Hypercinema>Click here.
Katherine Dillonkd49@nyu.eduDesign, UX

<CL: Visual Language>
<UX Design>
<Design Fundamentals>
<Information Design>
Click here.
Sharon De La Cruzsdl354@nyu.eduSTEM pedagogy/Animation/Comics/Interactive

<Thesis Part 1: Research and Development – Sec. 003> <Topics in Media Art – Sec. 004: Storytelling for Project Development> <Communications Lab – Sec. 004>
Click here
Pedro Galvao Cesar de<Designing the Absurd> <CL: Hypercinema>Click here.
Tom Igoeti8@nyu.eduphysical interfaces, networks, sustainability, lighting

<Intro to Phys. Comp>
<Understanding Networks>
Click here.
Dan O’Sullivandan.osullivan@nyu.eduprogramming
generative networks
bio sensors
p5, threejs, firebase

Click here.
(on sabbatical)
Allison Parrishap1607@nyu.educoding, p5.js/ICM help, Python, web development, data science, language, linguistics, narrative, poetry

<ICM: Media>
<Electronic Rituals, Oracles and Fortune-Telling>
Click here.
Luisa Pereiralph233@nyu.educoncept development, programming, music, interactive design

<NIME: New Interfaces for Musical Expression>
Click here.
Marianne Petitmp51@nyu.edustorytelling, paper engineering, adaptive and assistive technology

<Fairy Tales for the 21st Century>
< Adapting Everyday Items>
<CL: Hypercinema>
Click here.
Craig<Connections Lab>Click here.
David<Creative Computing>
<Intro to Phys. Comp.> <Quick Introduction to Physical Computing>
Click here.
Sarah Rothbergser406@nyu.educoncept development, Adobe, Unity3d, AR/VR design, art, storytelling, UX, critique

<Applications> <Communications Lab: Hypercinema – Sec 2 & 3>
Click here.
Daniel Rozindr99@nyu.eduinteractive digital art, Project Development Studio, The World-Pixel by Pixel, Designing for Digital Fabrication

<Project Development Studio>
<The World, Pixel By Pixel>
<Intro to Phys. Comp.>
<Designing for Digital Fabrication>
Click here.
Daniel Shiffmandts204@nyu.edup5.js, node.js, JavaScript, Processing, Java, open source, live streaming, machine learning

<Future of New Media>
<Introduction to Machine Learning for the Arts>
Click here.
Clay<Imagination and Distributed Learning>Email instructor for appt.
Yeseul Songys2643@nyu.eduPhysical computing, interactive art, participatory art, interactive installations, project ideation, sensors, intangible, perception

<Physical Computing> <Intro to Phys. Comp. – Sec. 004>
Click here.
Shawn Van Everysve204@nyu.eduideas, concepts, theory, networks, servers, mobile, web programming, Node.js, JavaScript, Java, p5.js, p5 serial, Android, Bluetooth, PhoneGap/Cordova, streaming, WebRTC, WebSockets, IMA in general, IMA internships

<Quick Introduction to Physical Computing>
<Creative Computing> <Independent Study> <Internship>
Click here.
Mimi Yinyy600@nyu.eduProgramming, Performance, Improvisation, Dance and Choreography, Movement-based Interaction

<Introduction to Computational Media: Code> <Introduction to Computational Media: Media>
Click here.

Research Residents

NameEmailSubject AreasAppointments Page
Akshita Bawaab9043@nyu.eduStorytelling, Design (Information, UI/UX, Speculative, Research, Game), Wearable Technology, 100 days, Project and Concept Development, History, Memoirs, Hindustani Art and Culture or anything at all!Click Here
Phil Caridippc7138@nyu.eduFabrication, digital fabrication, shop tools, CAD/CAM, project ideation, pcomp

<Introduction to Digital Fabrication>
Click Here
Eden Chinnerc7448@nyu.eduart, design, curation, research, writing, concept development, photography, printing services and print media

<All Resistance is a Creative Act: Art & Activism>
Click here.
David<Front-End Web>Click here.
Sam Hecklesmh836@nyu.eduFull stack web development (html/css, javascript, node, react), programming (c#, java, p5.js), game engines (unity), physical computing (crying), OBS, resume / job searching, hikingClick Here
Jeeyoon Hyunjh7194@nyu.eduHTML/CSS/JS, p5.js, three.js, GLSL, shaders, WebSockets, TouchDesigner, Ableton Live, React, Next.js, Tailwind, Python, Web scraping, Raspberry Pi, UX design, Job hunting, International student hardships, Building personal websites / portfolios / blogs, Project feedbackClick Here
Elias Jarzombekej2089@nyu.eduProgramming (Full stack web development, Arduino, general architecture/design), Music (Ableton, Max/MSP, Tone.js, etc.), Fabrication, ElectronicsClick here.
Divya Mehradm4924@nyu.eduwriting, narrative / storytelling, concept development, project ideation / feedback, media theory, language, equitable pedagogyClick here.
Ami Mehtaajm520@nyu.eduCuration, Production, Game Design, XR (AR/VR), Transmedia Storytelling, Technology Ethics, Interdisciplinary Research, Concept Dev, Museums, Art History, Visual CultureClick here.
Yonatan Rozinyr2053@nyu.eduPhysical Computing, Device Networking, Computational Media, JavaScript, HTML, Max/MSP, Sound Synthesis, Music Theory/Harmony, Live PerformanceClick here.
Daniel Ryan Johnstondrj8809@nyu.eduWearable Art & Technology, Soft lab, Soft Fabrication, Accessible Design

<Intro To Wearables: Adorning the Head and Face for Communication>
Click here.
Tora Thulandtt2160@nyu.eduShop, fabrication, PComp, Arduino, design (Adobe + Figma), project dev, feedback & critique, art, portfolios, documentation, international student things, NYU life hacksClick here.
Tinrey Wangtw2217@nyu.eduVR/AR/XR Development, 3D Modeling, Virtual Production, Game Engine(Unreal Engine, Unity), Video Editing, VFX, Motion Capture, WearablesClick here.
Todd<Critical & Expansive Audio>Email instructor for appt.
Alan Winslowadw9845@nyu.eduPhotography, Documentation, Project Ideation, Fabrication, Grants, Bio-Materials, Game Engines, ConservationClick here
Michael Zhoumichael.zhou@nyu.eduLED, Lighting, Graphic design, Typography, TouchDesigner with PCom, Digital Fabrication, feedbackClick here.

Graduate Assistants (GAs) – IMA Course Assistants

NameEmailSubject Areas / ClassesAppointments Page

Adjunct Faculty

NameEmailSubject Areas / ClassesAppointments Page
Irene<Experiments in Augmented Reality>Click here.
Theo Ellin Ballewtb2770@nyu.eduweb art, cyberfeminism, hypertext, digital language art

<Web Art as Site> <IMA Capstone>
Email instructor for appt.
Stefani Bardinsb4840@nyu.edufood systems, climate change, interactive installations, biodesign, speculative design

<Temporary Expert: Design + Science in the Anthropocene>
<Thesis Part 2: Production>
<Topics in Physical Computing>
<Experimental Interfaces: Bio Designing the Future of Food>
Click here.
Dominic Barrettdb3473@nyu.eduphysical interfaces, interactive design, concept development, programming, audio, music, visual design

<Fast Fun: Physical Controllers for Unity (ITP)>
<Topics in Media Art: Making Physical Game Interfaces (IMA)>
Click here.
Max Bittkermb8305@nyu.eduweb development, simulation of the natural world, tool design / game design, digital pedagogy, computational materiality, and becoming a better programmer

<Hand Held: Creative Tools for Phones>
Click here.
Stephan Backersb8462@nyu.eduInteractive Storytelling for LiberationClick here.
Raaziq Brownrmb648@nyu.eduAdobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere), Blender, Iterative Projects, Project Development, Copy Editing + Writing, 3D Printing, Manufacturing products, marketing

<100 Days of Making>
Click here.
Sebestian Buyssmb531@nyu.eduAugmented SpacesClick here.
Xuedi Chenxc498@nyu.edu3D, 3D Printing, Design

<Introduction to 3D Printing>
Click here.
Michelle Cortesemc4562@nyu.eduAR/VR/XR Design, Conceptual Frameworks, Design Systems, Ethical Design

<Topics in ITP – Hedonomic VR Design: Principles & Practices>
Email instructor for appt.
Erin<Biomaterials + Multispecies Relations>Click here.
Kevin<Auto Fictions>Email instructor for appt.
Dave Derbydd432@nyu.eduhuman-centered design, creative problem solving, LEGO Serious Play, life design, service design.

<Design Research>
Click here.
Steve Downssd4558@nyu.edupublic health, health care, health (generally), and philanthropy

<Thesis Part 1: Research and Development>
<Thesis Part 2: Production – Sec. 2>
Click here.
Jeff<Time> <Energy> <Intro to Phys. Comp.>Click here.
Ryan Fedykrf2498@nyu.eduInnovation, UX design, design strategy, project pitching, speculative design

<Textile Interfaces>
Click here.
Zoe Fraade-Blanarzf213@nyu.edufandom, digital celebrity, interaction design, entrepreneurship and business development

<Manufacturing Celebrity>
<Internet Famous>
Email instructor for appt.
Kate<Textile Interfaces>Click here.
Nicole Henyh206@nyu.eduvoice technology, conversation design, google APIs, javascript, node, python, c#, unity

<Hello, Computer: Unconventional Uses of Voice Technology>
Click here.
Kordae Jatafa<A Radical Thing>Email instructor for appt.
Colleen<Front-End Web>Click here.
Chika<Projection Mapping 101>Click here.
Lisa Jamhourylmj332@nyu.eduICM, Javascript, p5, three.js, Node, HTML/CSS, Kinect/Kinectron, processing, OpenFrameworks/Shaders (a little), performance, project development, body/computer

<ICM: Media>
<The Body, Everywhere and Here>
Click here.
lpj234@nyu.eduAR and VR, UX/UI, Product Design, Concept/Project Development, Research Methods, Unity, SparkAR, Blender

<Learning the World One Thing at a Time>
Click here.
Su Hyun Kimshk479@nyu.eduUX, UI, Product Design, Visual Design, Design Thinking, Brand Identity, Responsive Design, UX Portfolio Reviews

<Visual Language> <CL: Visual Language Section 001 & 004>
Click here.
Art<Future of New Media>Click here.
Gene Kogangk57@nyu.eduAI, machine learning, processing, openframeworks

<The Neural Aesthetic>
<Frontiers of Neural Arts>
Click here.
Nien<Augmented Spaces>Click here.
Karalyn C<100 Days of Making>Email instructor for appt.
Benjamin Lightbl1236@nyu.edufabrication, engineering, design, making, shop

<Intro to Fabrication>
<Art Toy Design> <Subtraction>
Click here.
Rikard<Creating with TinyML>Click here.
Jenny Limjl7737@nyu.eduVideo, animation, card/board/tabletop games

<Game Design & the Psychology of Choice>
Email instuctor for appt.
Yo-Yo Linyl1325@nyu.eduvideo / animation / performance / movement arts / projection + installation / spatial storytelling / VJing / socially-engaged art / community-building / disability arts / diasporic arts / accessibility / healing arts

<Media-making as Healing Practice>
Click here.
Julie Lizardojal879@nyu.eduICM, web development (HTML/CSS, javascript, React, Bootstrap, SASS, Node.js with express, Firebase, MongoDB, Heroku, Glitch), creative coding (p5.js, ml5.js), python, Design for Diversity (D4D framework), education/higher education, sustainability, environmental science, NYC trash system, project development, brainstorming

<Code! 2>
Click here.
Clarinda MacLowcm4838@nyu.educoncept and process, video editing, ethics in tech, project and production management, performance, dance / movement arts

<Socially Engaged Art and Digital Practice>
Click here.
Jahan Mantinjm8837@nyu.eduequitable design processes, co-design, racial equity x design

<Intro to Design for Diversity​: The Future of Design is Equitable Design>
Click here.
Ari<Afrotectopian Ecologies>
<Designing Change>
<Creating with TinyML>
Email instructor for appt.
Cezar Mocancm5403@nyu.eduweb development, networked software, general programming, creative coding, shaders, game engines

<Networked Media>
Click here.
Victor<Noodles all the Way>Click here.
Aidan Nelsonan2652@nyu.eduReal Time Social Spaces, Javascript (three.js, webRTC, p5.js), Node.js, YORB Club, Theater & Live Performance, Unity

<CL: Hypercinema> <Real-Time Social Spaces>
Click here.
<The Nature of Code>
<Experimental Photography>
<Recode> <Creative Computing>
<Code Your Way>
Click here.
Marcel Oliver-Rose<Immersive Experiences>Click here.
Joohyun Parkjhp527@nyu.eduFront-end development, UX/UI engineering, creative prototyping

<Website of You>
Click here.
Tony<Experiential Comics: Interactive Comic Books for the Fourth Industrial Revolution>Click here.
Yuliya<Visual Journalism>Click here.
Juliette<Thesis Part 1: Research and Development – Sec. 004>Click here.
Winslow<Multisensory Storytelling in Virtual Reality and Original Flavor Reality>Click here.
Lauren Racelauren.race@nyu.eduDesign, multisensory interfaces, accessibility

<Multisensory Design>
Click here.
Matt Romeinmjr619@nyu.eduMaxMSPJitter, Unreal Engine, photogrammetry, live performance

<Real Time Media>
Click here.
Mia Rovegnomar272@nyu.eduSite-specific and immersive art and performance practices; creative collaboration; storytelling and technology

<Outside the Box: Site-Specific + Immersive Explorations>
Email instructor for appt.
Ali<Alter Egos: Assuming New Identities Through Costume and Performance> <CL: Hypercinema>Click here.
Andrew Schneiderajs510@nyu.eduAvailable in response. What kind of feedback are you looking for? I try to keep my lens focused on our actual experience rather than your stated intention – or – getting the two a bit more aligned. I have a lot of experience making live performance work (dance / theater) – from DIY venues to 6,000 seat opera houses. Max, Isadora, ETC EOS. PISAB anti-racism / anti-oppression lens.

<Performing Reality>
Click here.
Ziv<Masquerade>Click here.
Yining Shiys2189@nyu.eduJavascript, web development, ml5.js, p5.js, Runway, creative machine learning

<Introduction to Machine Learning for the Arts>
Click here.
Blair Simmonsbis233@nyu.eduEquitable ITP/IMA, Digital Fabrication/object making, Media Theory, Fine Art/Performance

<IMA Cohort: Community is a Practice> <Useless Machines> <Digital Fabrication> <Digital Fabrication Development Studio>
Click here.
Molly<Streaming Against the Current>Click here.
Nuntinee Tansrisakulnt1475@nyu.educomputational media, live performance

<Feeling Patterns>
<Walking Choreography>
Click here.
John Henry Thompsonjht9629@nyu.educreative coding on the web, on Apple desktop, and on Apple mobile devices, p5js, Javascript, nodejs, Objective-C, Swift

<ICM: Media>
Click here.
Jer<How to Count Birds>Click here.
Greg Trefrygt2101@nyu.eduGreg has experience with game design, museums and education. He takes very seriously the idea that rapid prototyping and playtesting is the best way to develop.

<Playful Experiences>
Click here.
Jonathan Turnerjt143@nyu.eduVR, spatial practice, architecture, world building, publishing for interactive projects, visual art, installation and performance art, film, animation, design, cinematography, compositing, Unreal Engine, Maya

<Synthetic Architectures>
Click here
Adaora Udojiaeu4@nyu.eduMedia, XR, AI, 3D, Virtual Production & Production, Journalism, TV, Radio, Podcasts, Film, Documentaries, Installations

<Thesis Part 1: Research and Development>
Click here.
Chika<Interactive Storytelling for Liberation>Click here.
Carrie Wangsw3923@nyu.eduCreative coding with p5.js, project ideation and development, interactive art, video art, live performance

<Creative Computing> <Real-Time Media> <Chatbots for Art’s Sake> <Live!>
Click here.
Tracy Whitetaw2001@nyu.eduComics, Storytelling

<Topics in Media Art: Comics>
Click here.
Elie Zananiriez377@nyu.eduprogramming, computer vision, shaders, Unity, C++, OpenGL, Processing

<Seeing Machines>
Click here
Tamar Zivtz346@nyu.eduspatial media, immersive space

<Immersive Interactivity with DreamCube>
Click here.
Marina Zurkowmz46@nyu.eduvisual art, site-specific installation, interspecies, multispecies, Anthropocene, environment, systems thinking, food, participation, social justice, environmental justice, ecological justice

<Critical Experiences Studio>
Click here.