Office Hours / Academic Help

Administrative Staff

NameEmailSubject AreasAppointments Page
George Agudowgea1@nyu.eduAdministrative DirectorEmail for appt.
ea979@nyu.edusocial media, special events, IMA academic advising, clubs, IMA internships, admissions, recruitmentEmail for appt.
Dante DelGiaccodpd266@nyu.eduregistration, grading, records, academic policies and procedures, CPT and internship, OPTClick here, or email for appt.
Phil Caridippc7138@nyu.eduFabrication, project development, pcompClick here.
Shirley Linsl5244@nyu.edubudget, class schedulingEmail for appt.
Rob Ryanrr69@nyu.edutechnical operations, equipment, shop, floor hours, student workersClick here.
Midori Yasudamly2@nyu.eduadmissions, scholarships, leave of absences, ITP, IMA advising, IMA Low Res.Email for appt. or through NYU Connect.
Adrian Mandevilleam13084@nyu.edugeneral ITP/IMA inquiries, student hiring, room, classroom scheduling locker/bin assignments, website updatesEmail for appt.
Patricia Johnpj970@nyu.eduIMA academic advisingEmail for appt. or through NYU Connect.

Full-Time Faculty

NameEmailSubject Areas / ClassesAppointments Page
Gabe<CL: Hypercinema>Click here.
Katherine Dillonkd49@nyu.eduDesign, UX

<CL: Visual Language>
<Design Fundamentals>
<Information Design>
Click here.
Sharon De La Cruzsdl354@nyu.eduSTEM pedagogy/Animation/Comics/Interactive

<Thesis Part 1: Research and Development > <Communications Lab>
Click here
Pedro Galvao Cesar de<Designing the Absurd> <Project Development Studio> <Intro to Phys. Comp>Click here.
Tom Igoeti8@nyu.eduphysical interfaces, networks, sustainability, lightingClick here.
Dan O’Sullivandan.osullivan@nyu.eduprogramming
generative networks
bio sensors
p5, threejs, firebase

<Shared Minds> <Quick Introduction to Physical Computing> <Creative Computing>
Click here.
(on sabbatical)
Allison Parrishap1607@nyu.educoding, p5.js/ICM help, Python, web development, data science, language, linguistics, narrative, poetry

<Programming with Data for Artists, Designers and Researchers>
<Electronic Rituals, Oracles and Fortune-Telling>
Click here.
Luisa Pereiralph233@nyu.educoncept development, programming, music, interactive design

<Thesis Part 1: Research and Development>
<The Code of Music>
Click here.
Marianne Petitmp51@nyu.edustorytelling, paper engineering, adaptive and assistive technologyClick here.
Craig<Connections Lab>Click here.
David<Creative Computing>
<Intro to Phys. Comp.> <Quick Introduction to Physical Computing>
Click here.
Sarah Rothbergser406@nyu.educoncept development, Adobe, Unity3d, AR/VR design, art, storytelling, UX, critique

<Applications> <Communications Lab: Hypercinema>
Click here.
Daniel Rozindr99@nyu.eduinteractive digital art, Project Development Studio, The World-Pixel by Pixel, Designing for Digital Fabrication

<Intro to Phys. Comp.>
<Designing for Digital Fabrication>
Click here.
Ali<Alter Egos: Assuming New Identities Through Costume and Performance> <CL: Hypercinema> Click here.
Daniel Shiffmandts204@nyu.edup5.js, node.js, JavaScript, Processing, Java, open source, live streaming, machine learning

<Programming from A to Z> <ICM>
Click here.
Blair<IMA Cohort: Community is a Practice> <Useless Machines> <Communications and Technology>Email instructor for appt.
cs97@nyu.eduEmail instructor for appt.
Yeseul Songys2643@nyu.eduphysical computing, interactive art, participatory art, concept development, sensors, intangible, perception

<Intro to Phys. Comp.> <Physical Computing> <Sustainable Material Research Lab>
Click here.
Shawn Van Everysve204@nyu.eduideas, concepts, theory, networks, servers, mobile, web programming, Node.js, JavaScript, Java, p5.js, p5 serial, Android, Bluetooth, PhoneGap/Cordova, streaming, WebRTC, WebSockets, IMA in general, IMA internships

<Live Web> <Internship>
Click here.
Mimi Yinyy600@nyu.eduProgramming, Performance, Improvisation, Dance and Choreography, Movement-based Interaction

<ICM> <ICM: Media>
Click here.

Research Residents

NameEmailSubject AreasAppointments Page
Isaiah Bayasidb8666@nyu.eduEmail for appt.
Shuang Caisc8803@nyu.eduFabrication, Physical Computing, Analog Circuit, Exhibition Design, Project Presentation, Art WritingClick here
Zoe Cohenzrc235@nyu.eduConceptual/philosophy, ADHD/learning disability & accessibility, interactive sculpture, writing, 2D animationClick here
Bianca Ganbag5392@nyu.eduPhysical computation, connected devices, interactive design, fabrication, python (tkinter, matplotlib, plotly), audio (broadcast, live, studio), sound editing, wireless audio and intercom systems, drawing machinesClick here
Tuan-Ting (Tuan) Huangth2703@nyu.eduGraphic Design, Typography, Design Critique, Digital/ Analog Publication, Web Design, Front-end Development (HTML/CSS), Three.jsGeneral

Design Lab
Armon Naeiniasn9740@nyu.eduClick here
Suraj Barthy<100 Days of Making>Click here
MK Skitkamks9787@nyu.eduEmail for appt.
Dave<Code!>Click here
Gracy Whelihanvgw3869@nyu.eduClick here
Maya Williamsmew460@nyu.eduFabrication, project development, research, storytelling, cultural technology, sociologyClick here
Caren Yewy927@nyu.eduart, storytelling, AR/VR, 2D/3D animation, Blender, Unreal Engine, video art, concept development, experience design, media art curation, entrepreneurship, social mediaClick here
Binyan Xubx2008@nyu.eduMotion Capture, Unreal, XR (AR/VR);
Wearable Technology, Soft lab, Accessible, Physical computing, Biomaterial, Digital fabrication, Weaving, Machine knitting;
Research, storytelling, concept development.
Click here

Production Mentors

NameEmailSubject Areas/ClassesAppointments Page
Patrick Warrenpcw287@nyu.eduvideo production, animation, storytelling, project ideation

<Animation: Methods of Motion> <Communications Lab> <Experiential Comics: Interactive Comic Books for the Fourth Industrial Revolution>
Email for appt.
Tanika Williamstanikawilliams@nyu.eduProfessional Development 

<On Becoming Finding Your Artist Voice>
Click here
Jeffrey<Time> <Intro to Phys. Comp>Click here
Daniel Ryan Johnstondrj8809@nyu.eduWearable Art & Technology, Fabrication, Accessible Design

<Intro To Wearables: Adorning the Head and Face for Communication>
Click here
Gabe Warshawgmw8712@nyu.eduClick here
Greg Shakargreg.shakar@nyu.eduEmail for appt.
Victor Moralesvm2339@nyu.eduProject conceptualization, Real time 3d media, Animation, interactivity, Live Performance using game engines, AI generative animation and visuals

<Telling Stories with Real-Time Engines>
In-Person every Tuesday starting 3/12/24 from 11am – 7pm.

Tuesday Workshops at 1pm in Room 450:
– 3/26 Overview and Creative possibilities of Unreal Engine
– 4/2 Intro to Stable Diffusion Animation using A1111 + Deforum
– 4/9 Unreal + Stable Diffusion as a creative pipeline
Nikita Hugginsnrh287@nyu.eduproject development, concept development, research, food system, biodesign, interactive exhibits, speculative designClick here
Jonathan Turnerjt143@nyu.eduVR, world building/virtual architecture, Unreal for interactive projects and offline rendering, CG animationClick here