ITP Scholarship Appeals

Whether you are an incoming student or a continuing second year student, we are here to support you. Whether you are appealing to try to increase your current scholarship award, or something has changed in your financial situation and you find yourself in need, we will do what we can to help when possible. There is no shame in asking for help if it’s needed.

Please fill out the form below. We will revisit awarding every semester and over the summer if funding is available.

For first year students, the bulk of our scholarship allocations come at the time of your acceptance into ITP. We take appeals throughout the Spring and Summer. Oftentimes, funding does free up and we reallocate funding to increase awards when possible.

For second year students, your scholarship award from your first year is typically renewed for your second year. We do receive limited additional funding specifically to support second year students and we make those decisions based on the appeals we have on file, usually over the summer before your second year begins.

ITP departmental scholarship appeal form