Media Commons

370 Jay Street includes a number of multipurpose rooms formally known as the 370J Media Commons. The Media Commons operates under the auspices of NYU’s Office of the Provost and is managed by Samantha Skinner, Director of Technical Operations, and Jhanele Tiffany Green, Facilities and Events Manager.

All requests to book 370J Media Commons spaces are submitted via the Booking Tool. Students, faculty and staff submit a request, which is then routed to their departmental scheduling liaison for pre-approval, before it is seen by Jhanele Tiffany Green for final approval. Under certain circumstances, requests for rooms 221 – 224 and 233 that are four hours or less are eligible for automatic approval. Noah Pivnick is ITP/IMA’s scheduling liaison and available to help you navigate the process.

Before submitting a request, please make certain you’ve read and understand the 370J Shared Spaces Policy, especially those policies regarding booking and time limitations.

If you’re having difficulty accessing the 370J Media Commons website please open a browser window in incognito mode then sign in with your NYU account.

Please note before you can book space in the Media Commons, you must have taken the required Media Commons Safety Training. You can sign up for a training session on Calendly.