Welcome to ITP! This is an important guide that will help you navigate course registration for the Fall 2024 semester.

Registration Appointment Time & Course Schedule & Descriptions

Course registration in Albert will take place on Tuesday, June 11 at 10:00am ET.

Our course offerings, along with course descriptions, are available to view in Albert’s Course Search, under “Interactive Telecommunications (ITPG-GT)” under the Fall 2024 term.

You can also view our class schedule in a one-page term overview format here, which may be helpful in your planning.

Class Numbers, Shopping Cart, and Registration Strategy

Please note the (usually 5 digit) numbers in parenthesis at the end of a course’s catalog listing in Albert is called the “Class Number.” This is an important number which you can use to directly add classes of interest into your Shopping Cart in Albert, without going into Course Search, which takes time.

For example, the catalog listing for Applications (which is a mandatory ITP Tier 1 that all incoming students must enroll in) is ITPG-GT 2000 – 001 (15667).

  • “ITPG-GT” is the Subject Code.
  • “2000” is the Catalog Number.
  • “001” is the Section Number.
  • “15667” is the Class Number.

So to direct add Applications into your Shopping Cart, without going into Course Search, you would add “15667” which is the “Class Number.”

The best registration strategy is to populate your shopping cart with your “ideal” schedule of classes, but also have a list of back up / alternative section “Class Numbers” at the ready, in the event one or more of your preferred class sections closes out. Then, when it is time for your registration appointment time on Tuesday, June 11 at 10:00am ET, you can check out with your Shopping Cart, or in other words enroll in your ideal class schedule, and depending on the results – one or more of your ideal class sections may close out, you can quickly refer to your list of back up / alternative section “Class Numbers” to swap those into your Shopping Cart, and attempt to enroll in those classes instead.

ITP Program Trajectory

A breakdown of the unit trajectory of an ITP student is below, typically completed over 4-semesters, but can include optional terms like Summer or January.

Tier 1 (Foundations): 4.0 – 18.0 units
Tier 2 (Electives): 38.0 – 52.0 units (combination of ITP / outside of ITP)
Tier 3 (Thesis): 4.0 units
Total: 60.0 units

ITP Tier 1 Foundation Courses

A large majority of your class schedules for the first term at ITP will be comprised of the ITP Tier 1 Foundation Courses, which are the essential building blocks for the rest of your academic program at ITP:

  • ITPG-GT 2004 – Comm. Lab: Hypercinema (4.0 units)
  • ITPG-GT 2005 – Comm. Lab: Visual Language (2.0 units)
  • ITPG-GT 2233 – Intro. to Computational Media (4.0 units)
    • or, for those students with basic coding background, you may elect to take:
  • ITPG-GT 2048 – Intro. to Computational Media: Media (2.0 units)
  • ITPG-GT 2301 – Intro. to Physical Computing (4.0 units)
  • ITPG-GT 2000 – Applications (4.0 units)
    • This is a mandatory course, and all students must register for it. It may not be dropped.

While sections may close out in Albert, we guarantee enrollment in any ITP Tier 1 Foundation Courses you need to take. If you cannot find an open section to join in Albert, please email Dante at dpd266@nyu.edu, and he will find a section that works with your schedule.

Waitlists & Edit Swap

Classes at ITP are set up with 16 seats in the class, and 3 seats on the waitlist. If a class is fully-enrolled with 16 students, the waitlist will open, at which point you may join it in Albert. If enrolled students drop the class, Albert will attempt to auto-enroll the waitlisted students into the open seats in the order that they are waitlisted. If you have a full-schedule of classes, or if you have an enrolled class that meets at the same time as your waitlisted class, you will need to set up an Edit Swap for the waitlisted class, which is where you may designate (or change) a swap option for any of your waitlisted courses, in the event they open to you.

Term Unit Limit & Tuition and Fee Rates

It is important to note that students may not have more than 18.0 units of enrolled classes on their schedules (this is known as the “term unit limit”). Waitlisted classes do not count toward this 18.0 unit limit, as they are considered “pending” classes. ITP is a full-time program, which requires a full-time registration of 12.0 – 18.0 units. For tuition and fee rates, please see here.

Term Deadlines, Add/Drop Period, and Schedule Adjustments After Add/Drop

All important term deadlines, including the last day of the add/drop period, live on this page on Help. The add/drop period is the time during which students may adjust their class schedules freely. The add/drop period runs through the 2nd week of classes. At the end of the add/drop period, class waiting lists are purged from Albert, and enrollment is frozen. If you need to request a withdrawal after this deadline, you will receive a W mark on your transcript which signifies a late class withdrawal. If you need to adjust your schedule after the add/drop period closes, please contact Dante directly via email at dpd266@nyu.edu so he may assist.

Essential Albert Functions & Registration Guides

The NYU Registrar has helpful visual guides on navigating Albert, and on using essential functions like “Validate a Shopping Cart,” “Enroll,” “Drop,” “Wait list,” “Edit Swap,” and so on. They also have short videos you can watch. If you are confused about how to navigate Albert, I would highly recommend reviewing these guides prior to your registration appointment time – links below.

ITP Tier 2 Elective Courses & Registering Outside of ITP

In addition to your Tier 1 Foundation courses, you may elect to register for Tier 2 Elective courses from ITP’s course listing, or begin to explore courses outside of the department.

For Tier 2 Electives from ITP’s course listing, please be advised that continuing ITP students have already registered for these courses in May, so not all courses will be available for enrollment.

You can know which classes are open, which classes are waitlist available, and which classes are closed by the “class status” indicator in Course Search. See these statuses below:

  • Classes in status “open” (marked with a green circle) have available seats. You may enroll in these classes.
  • Classes in status “wait list available” (marked with a yellow triangle) are full, but have openings on the WL. You may wait list for these classes.
  • Classes in status “closed” (marked with a blue square) are full, with full waiting lists. You may keep these classes in your shopping carts to monitor their status through the add/drop period, which runs through the end of the 2nd week of classes. Should the class status shift to “open” you may enroll at that time. Should the class status shift to “wait list available” you may wait list at that time.

Any graduate-level courses in outside departments which are relevant to the course of study may be taken and credited toward the Tier 2 Electives for the ITP program. A recommended guideline is 8.0-units of outside classes during the 4-semesters, but students may exceed this guideline, should the courses be relevant to the course of study and discussed with their Faculty adviser.

The best way to look for classes outside of ITP is by doing targeted searches in Course Search. You will always want to filter for “Graduate” courses under “Academic Career.” Most departments put registration notes for non-majors in the course listings, so that is the first place to check.

If there are no registration notes in Albert, or if you have questions regarding a specific program’s policy for non-major registration, we recommend to Google search for the department in-question, and contact someone on administrative staff for assistance, or email Dante if you are unsure of who to contact.

As always, please contact Dante directly at dpd266@nyu.edu if you ever have any registration-related matters, and he will be happy to assist. Best of luck with registration, and welcome again to NYU and ITP!