Floor Access Policy

Revised 1/16/2024

  • ITP and IMA resources and spaces are only available to ITP/IMA Students and non-majors taking classes in our department
  • Equipment Room closes at 11PM M-F and 10PM on S and S
  • The Shops close at 10PM every night
  • Shop Studio tables must be cleared each night – opening staff will remove any materials or projects left on top of studio tables
  • Only authorized personnel (Admin, Staff, Faculty) may request to be keyed on between 12AM – 7AM
  • ITP/IMA students are permitted to continue working in common areas after Midnight on the 4th Floor but are advised that if they leave the 4th Floor for any reason they will not be able to reenter the 4th Floor until 7:00AM
  • This open Floor policy risks being revised or restricted if the Floor is not left in a usable, organized condition each morning. This means that classrooms and common areas of the Floor should be free of trash and food, that scrap or remains of what you were working on are cleared and that the Shop tables are cleared of projects.