Becoming a Graduate Assistant (GA)

  1. Application  Students interested in the position should apply using this form.  There may be interviews with faculty and/or staff.
  2. Who Graduate Assistants can be any current ITP graduate student.
  3. Responsibilities We have GA positions available for Class Support – You provide office hours, in class help, and/or feedback to students taking specific IMA classes.
  4. Where All GAs will work at 370 Jay Street, Brooklyn, New York.
  5. When The application opens a few weeks before the start of the Fall and Spring semesters.
  6. Supervision GAs are supervised by the faculty member they are assisting
  7. Schedule Most positions are in the range of 4-7 hours a week. 
  8. Selection Process Individual faculty will interview and select GAs.  Criteria GAs are chosen based primarily on how the applicant’s strengths for service, class support, and research line up with the current needs.
  9. Benefits GAs may join the Graduate Student Union which comes with a variety of benefits (including greatly discounted health insurance).  Please see the summary on union website for more information.
  10. Commitment This is not a casual commitment — hours may not be flexible and are not optional — you can’t “give your shift to someone else” — we expect those who accept our offer to make a full commitment for the duration of the semester and to be professional and responsible — on time meeting and office hours, arriving prepared and motivated.  If you are looking for a casual work situation where you work a few hours one week, and maybe none the next, this isn’t the job for you — if you think you will have a busy semester and know you will have to blow off your work schedule to get your projects done, this isn’t the job for you.