Room Reservation


Classrooms are bookable, but only for large or consistent club/workshop meetings. ITP/IMA does not “own” the classrooms on the 4th floor and other departments often hold classes there. If you wish to inquire about an official booking in one of the classrooms, come see Adrian at the front.

Conference Rooms

The Large (Room 450 & 426) and Small (Rm 404) Conference Rooms are controlled by ITP/IMA and are bookable for most meetings. 

To reserve a classroom or the Conference Room email Adrian at the Front Desk:

Huddle Rooms & Phone Booths

Huddle rooms and Phone Booths are not reservable by students.

Each space is usable for up to an hour and is equipped with a 1 hour timer which dictates use.

  • ITP/IMA access only
  • Faculty & Staff Priority
  • Usage limited to 60 minutes
  • Set the timer!
  • If the timer isn’t in use, you may be asked to make time for others
  • No food – please use general use areas or the 2nd Floor for taking meals