Conference Travel Reimbursement

Students Applying for Conference Travel Reimbursement Awards:

We try, when possible, to help support the costs of students who have been invited to show student work or present at out-of-town conferences. Funding for such trips each semester is scarce, but here is the process:

  1. Applications will be considered for travel expenses outside of a 50 mile radius of NYC for such things as: airfare, car rental, hotel stays, and meals. Awards range from $100.00 to $500.00.
  2. You must apply IN ADVANCE to be considered. We cannot accept “after-the-fact” requests for reimbursement. The applications have to wait for the nearest faculty meeting for a decision.
  3. Please send your request via email to Shirley Lin (
  4. If you have been granted an award, Shirley will provide you with detailed instructions as to how to request reimbursement (providing us with original receipts, etc.). Please see below for the official University guidelines and policies. Those who do not follow these guidelines for accounting for their expenses in a timely manner may forfeit their opportunity for reimbursement.


University Guidelines & Policies on the Reimbursement of Travel Expenses:

You must submit your request for reimbursement, along with all supporting documentation, no later than 60 days after the completion of your trip.

Airfare Policies: Travelers are expected to purchase economy-class travel.
Business class travel may be allowed for overseas flights and continuous flights exceeding 6 hours, but must be pre-approved by the Department Chair.

Receipt Policies:

  • Airline / Rail: Receipts should confirm the trip details, as well as the method of payment and the amount paid. Boarding passes for all flights are required.
  • Conference / Seminar: Registration receipts should show name, date, venue, and cost. Please also provide proof of attendance, such as a conference badge or any other supporting materials.
  • Hotel / Lodging: An itemized bill for lodging and expenses, or a printout of an online transaction is required. Hotel / lodging expenses should not exceed a maximum of $300.00 per night.
  • Business Meals: Detailed, itemized receipts and written business purpose of the meals are required.
  • Credit Card Statement: It is strongly encouraged to provide a credit card statement highlighting all charges made for which reimbursement is sought. Any unrelated charges may be blacked out.

Foreign Currency Policies: Expenses should be reported in U.S. dollars with a conversion calculation attached. Conversions should reflect the conversion rate on the date of the expense or charge. For a free online currency converter, please use the following:

Missing Documentation: If you are missing any of the above documentation, you may be able to replace it with a Missing/Inadequate Documentation Report form. When in doubt, please save all travel materials and documentation related to your trip. The more information you can provide, the faster we can process your requests for reimbursement.

Please ask Shirley Lin ( if you have any questions about this process.