Departmental Honors

Tisch Salute Banner Bearer

ITP and IMA’s Banner Bearers lead the procession of students at the Tisch Salute and receive a diploma on behalf of all of the students. This honor is determined by a vote of the advisors and faculty based on the following criteria.

Academic Excellence: The student is engaged in and excels in learning material taught, especially in demonstrating a willingness to risk experimenting with material new to them and leveraging it to execute exemplary projects.

Community Oriented: The student is a leader within the community. They are not only engaged in activities that take place but take the initiative to enrich their experience and those of their fellow students and the department as a whole.

Dedication to Values: The student exemplifies the values that ITP and IMA seek to foster such as critical examination, equity, risk taking, play, experimentation, and putting humans over technology.