Courses Outside of ITP

ITP students can take up to 8 credits outside of the department at NYU. Students need the approval of an ITP academic advisor and approval from the other department. The classes need to be on the graduate level and related to the ITP course of study.

Occasionally, this limit may be exceeded with permission of your advisor.

A breakdown of the unit trajectory of an ITP student is below, typically completed over 4-semesters, but can include optional terms like Summer or January.

Tier 1 (Foundations): 4.0 – 18.0 units
Tier 2 (Electives): 38.0 – 52.0 units (combination of ITP / outside of ITP)
Tier 3 (Thesis): 4.0 units
Total: 60.0 units

Here is a complete list of outside classes that ITP students have taken in the past few years (not all of these classes will be available again this semester).

Administrative Contacts & Procedures for Departments Outside of ITP

Department NameSubject CodeAdministrative Contact & Procedures for Students
Animal StudiesANST-GAContact Jeff Sebo at, or 212-998-3544.
Applied StatisticsAPSTA-GETry adding the class to your shopping cart and “checking out” or enrolling directly in Albert. If the class requires department consent, contact Maria Ramirez at, or 212-992-9479.
Studio Art (Grad)ART-GEContact Julia Olson at, or 212-998-5746. 
Studio Art (Undergrad)ART-UEContact Lonnie Woods at, or 212-998-5708.
BiotechnologyBT-GYContact Carmen Villafane at, or 646-997-3244, or Magdalena Guadalupe at, or 646-997-3785.
Center for Experimental  Humanities CEH-GAContact Nicole Pandolfo at, or 212-998-8070.
ChemistryCHEM-GAContact Carol Hollingsworth at, or 212-992-6599, or Jennifer Hackleman at, or 212-998-8469.
Computer Science (Tandon)CS-GYNYU graduate students can apply for a maximum of 3.0-units of CS-GY courses in a given semester.

1. Fill out a cross-registration form and submit the form to Dante for signature.
2. Dante will return your form to you after signing it.
3. Starting on 11/15 (for SP22), signed cross-registration forms can be uploaded by students to this online request form.
4. The CSE department will communicate all decisions regarding cross-registration requests directly to the students.

The deadline to submit a Cross Registration Request for SP22 is 01/07/22.

All of this information lives on the CSE department’s Student Resources page.

For questions, contact Kayla Huang at, or 646-997-4082.
Computer Science (GSAS)CSCI-GAContact James Paguyo at
Center for Urban Science + ProgressCUSP-GXContact Sattik Deb at
Design for Stage & FilmDESG-GTContact Allison Brzezinski at, and/or Michael Doshier
Digital Humanities and Social Science (GSAS)DHSS-GAContact Lissette Florez at, or 212-998-8802, or email
Integrated Design & Media (IDM)DM-GYContact Eric Maiello at, or 646-997-0720.
Elect. EngineeringECE-GYContact Xiao-Kang Chen at, or 646-997-3056.
Educational Communications & Technology EDCT-GEContact Kimmie Bernstein at, or 212-998-5986.
Food StudiesFOOD-GEEmail​, or call the dept. at 212-998-5580.
Game DesignGAMES-GTContact Jason Leahey at
Grad Film & TVGFMTV-GTContact Alicia Glover to inquire about non-major registration.
Journalism (GSAS)JOUR-GAContact Administrative Aide for Graduate Affairs: Jake Alexander / 212-998-7993 /
Media, Culture & Communication MCC-GEIf space is available after 11/22, non-majors may self-enroll directly in Albert, no permission required.
Technology Management and Innovation (Tandon)MG-GYContact Elizabeth Spock at, or 646-997-3158.
Music Instrumental: JazzMPAJZ-GEContact Joyce Yin at, or 212-998-5073, or Paulette Morong at, or 212-992-9015.
Music Theory and CompositionMPATC-GEContact Joyce Yin at, or 212-998-5073, or Paulette Morong at, or 212-992-9015.
Music TechnologyMPATE-GESubmit cross-registration requests via this form here, and/or contact Keiko Uenishi, Music Tech. Program Administrator at with any registration questions.
Museum StudiesMSMS-GAContact Dominik Izdebski at / 212-998-8081.
Project Management (SPS)MSPM1-GCFill out an SPS Cross-Registration Form, or email
Open Arts (Tisch)OART-GTContact Max DeGeorge at
Photography & ImagingPHTI-GTFill out the non-major course request form to obtain permission to enroll.
PsychologyPSYCH-GAContact Pinki Dass, Master’s Program Assistant:, and/or David Park, Academic Affairs Administrator:
SociologySOC-GAContact Sharice Burroughs at, or 212-998-8344, or Helen Stec at, or 212-998-8343.
Spanish and PortugueseSPAN-GAContact Jose Reyes at, or 212-998-8776.
SternXXXX-GB1. Review the list of classes available to non-Stern NYU students, here (this page takes a minute to load).

2. Fill out a cross-registration form and email it to Dante for approval.

3. Starting on 12/10, Dante can submit cross-registration forms to Stern for SP22.

4. Dante will be notified within 2 weeks of the submission if the request is approved by Stern.

*** Stern professors DO NOT manage course enrollment, requisites, or the registration process. ***

*** Non-stern students can take up to 6.0 units of Stern courses per term. ***
Urban Planning (Wagner)URPL-GP1. Fill out a cross-registration request.
2. Updates to requests are sent directly to the student 10 business days after the request is made.
3. Some courses may close out, or will not have capacity until one month before the start of classes.
WagnerXXXX-GP1. Fill out a cross-registration request.
2. Updates to requests are sent directly to the student 10 business days after the request is made.
3. Some courses may close out, or will not have capacity until one month before the start of classes.

Using the Course Search Tool in Albert to Find Courses in Outside Departments

1.) Go to either 1.) the NYU Public Course Search page, or 2.) navigate to your Shopping Cart (in Albert’s Student Center, under the “Student” tab), and click the “Course Search” link.

2.) Update the fields in the right-hand navigation bar to tailor your search. You will want to make sure you have the following items selected on your navigation bar to help you search for classes:

  • Under “Terms Offered” select “Spring 2021”
  • Under “Academic Career” select “Graduate”
  • Under “Open/Closed/Wait List Classes” select “Open”

3.) Remember, you may only apply graduate-level, adviser-approved non-ITP courses toward the degree.

4.) You can also narrow down your search by a number of other fields in the navigation bar (by school, by unit, by day of the week, or by time of day), or by searching the course descriptions for keywords, (for example if you are looking for courses that mention graphic design in the course description or course title).

5.) If you need help finding non-ITP classes using the NYU Course Search tool, or are confused about obtaining enrollment permissions for a particular course, please contact Dante for assistance.

6.) A good standard of practice when enrolling in courses in other departments at NYU is to Google search the department or unit and contact their administrative office to make sure that you are allowed to enroll in their courses! You do not want to find out on the first day of classes that you are not allowed to take the class. If you need help finding the contact information for a particular course or department, please contact Dante for assistance.