Equipment Room [ER]

The ITP Equipment Room (commonly called the ER) maintains a huge and ever-changing inventory of devices.


Check out

  • 24 hour check out (Can return equipment the next day)
  • ‘On Floor Only’ check out (Return the same day of checkout)
  • Laptops are ‘On Floor Only’ and returned the same day before the ER closes.
  • You may not check out equipment for someone else.
  • You are responsible for the care of the equipment while it is in your possession.
  • You may not check out the same equipment more than one time continuously.


  • Return equipment in the same condition as when it was checked out
  • Properly wrap cables
  • Return tripods with plates on tripod, collapse tripod all the way
  • Late Returns: You’re not allowed to check out equipment until you’ve return late equipment
  • Ban: You will be banned if your checkout is severely late and becomes overdue.
  • Banned: You will not be unban even if you return overdue equipment, you will need to email Marlon

If you ignore multiple requests to return equipment you will be held responsible for the full cost of replacing the equipment.

Extended check out: You may request an extension of your check out with valid reason. When requesting equipment extension, please use your name that is in the check out system

Equipment Handling

  • Do not put tape or glue on our equipment
  • Do not disassemble our equipment
  • Do not use our equipment in ways it was not intended for
  • Do not leave equipment unattended on ER counter or floor]
  • You are not allowed to attach a mount of any kind to our short throw projectors.
  • You need to have had safety training before you can hang our short throw projectors or various lights.

Lost or Broken Equipment

If our equipment is lost or stolen and under $50 you need to replace it. If it’s over $50 you need to show proof that you filed a police report and are actively looking for it. You will remain banned until you replace the equipment or show proof of a filed police report.

If our equipment is returned broken due to negligence, you will be held responsible for the replacement of the equipment. Examples of negligence are drops and falls, not keeping equipment in the case it was checked out in or through misuse.


While not required, if you are checking out equipment that is expensive, for an extended checkout or being installed in an off-Floor, non-ITP/IMA Show, you might consider getting equipment insurance

Under certain circumstances you may be covered under Travelers Insurance or Renters Insurance (Apartment) for lost, stolen or broken equipment. However, you might also consider getting a College Student Insurance policy to protect both your own personal equipment as well as equipment you borrow or rent from ITP/IMA. ITP/IMA has no connection to any insurance offerings.


SD cards or micro SD cards, Batteries, Hard drives, Thumb drives, Chargers or power adapters that were not made for your device.