Pass/Fail Option for Non-ITP Classes

If students are signed up for any non-departmental coursework this semester, and would like to request a pass/fail option instead of a letter grade, they may submit those requests (one request per class, per student) via the Pass/Fail Option Form here.

  • (A – D) letter grades will convert to a (P – Pass) grade.
  • (F) letter grades remain an (F – Fail) grade.

The course instructor is not notified of the pass/fail option – they submit a letter grade as they would for the rest of their class, and the conversion to pass/fail happens on the student side, before posting to the record.

All ITPG-GT sections are already designated as pass/fail, so you do not need to fill out the form for any sections within this subject code.

Spring 2024 Pass/Fail Option Deadlines:

  • The deadline to submit a pass/fail option for 7W1 session classes is 03/01/24.
  • The deadline to submit a pass/fail option for 7W2 / 14W session classes is 04/23/24.
  • For all other “irregularly” scheduled courses, please submit a pass/fail option well in advance of the class end date, and select “early ending course” on the form so our colleagues in Tisch Student Affairs will be sure to update it before the final grading period begins.

These dates also live here on Help.

Catalog / Section / Class Numbers:

To request a pass/fail option, you will need the catalog / section/ and class numbers from Albert. In ITPG-GT 2000 – 001 (22724) – Applications:

  • “ITPG-GT 2000” is the Catalog Number
  • “001” is the Section Number
  • “22724” is the Class Number

If you are unsure of the catalog / section / class number for a non-departmental course, please contact Dante for assistance.