Fire Safety

FIRE SAFETY at ITP/IMA, 370 Jay, 4th floor:

First and foremost – your health and safety is of paramount importance – if you hear an alarm sounding and/or strobe lights blinking please evacuate!  If you can, close doors behind you as you go, and help anyone nearby who might need it.  There may be an announcement over the loudspeaker offering instructions, but if you don’t hear anything, or if in doubt, play it safe and get out – don’t wait.    Take the stairs, not the elevators!   Pull the alarm handle in the fire stairwell on the 4th floor so first responders know where the problem is.

When Time Permits Get to Know the Exits:

Take a walk around the floor in a quiet moment and get to know all of the stairwells so you have a clear idea of where all the exit doors can be found.  There are several in the main elevator lobby – there are also several exits in the long external corridor that leads toward the kitchen area.

This is NYU’s Fire Safety site:

And this is an easy way to remember what steps to take:

R – Rescue – Rescue people in immediate danger.

A – Alert – Pull the fire alarm and call 911 from a safe location.

C – Contain – Close all doors and windows.

E – Evacuate/Extinguish – Evacuate building and extinguish small fires, if it is safe to do s

A Word on the Shop:

As you all know, there are materials in the Shop that can present a fire hazard – for instance cardboard can catch fire in a laser cutter – there are fire extinguishers and fire blankets in the shop which can be used to put out a small fire.  Notify a shop staff member for help.


Your responsibility is to sound an alarm and stay safe.  If you have experience with a fire extinguisher and feel confident using one and can do so safely go for it.  Otherise, sound the alarm and leave it to the professionals and get away.  Do not put yourself at risk.