Spring ’24 IMA-NY Registration

The following information applies to Spring 2024 Registration.

IMA Group Advising Session Recordings:

Spring 2024 IMA Group Advising Session

IMA Program Structure

Old IMA Program Structure (students who entered IMA previous to Fall 2022)

New IMA Program Structure (students who joined IMA in Fall 2022 to current)

IMA Courses

The IMA New York Spring 2024 course list is available on this site. This listing includes the IMA Category listing in the Categories.

Registration in Albert begins the week of Nov 13th. Please log into Albert to see your individual registration appointment time. IMA majors have priority registration for IMA courses although they will quickly open to other NYU students so do not delay in registering.

If you have issues with registration or Albert, please contact ima-advise@itp.nyu.edu or albert@nyu.edu

IMA Courses outside of IMA

For courses outside of IMA that may count towards required IMA electives please see the Interchange. This site is always a work in progress so if you come across or find courses that you think should count towards IMA courses please email ima-advise@itp.nyu.edu

The Interchange lists courses from many departments including Tisch’s Game Design, Tandon’s IDM, Tisch’s Open Arts, Steinhardt’s MCC, CAS’s Computer Science, Steinhardt’s Studio Art, and many other programs throughout the university. Each department has it’s own procedures for registering so if there is a question please contact the individual department for registration instructions.

When using the Interchange please be sure you are looking at classes that are offered in Spring 2024. They will all be listed with that category and further organized by the IMA category that they fulfill.

Finally, the Featured page on the Interchange lists courses that may be of particular interest to IMA students.

Important note: IMA students cannot take SPS courses for credit.

IMA Degree Progress Reports

IMA students can check their degree progress reports through Albert.

ITP Courses

IMA Juniors and Seniors may register directly in Albert for ITP courses. They will be available for registration on December 4th.

Please do not count on any particular ITP course being open and fill out your schedule with alternate classes in advance of this.

AP Credits

We do not apply AP (or IB or advanced standing credits) automatically.  You have to ask to have them applied to your transcript. 

You can begin the process of transferring your AP credits once you are a sophomore (or have completed 1st year).

There are a variety of reasons for this mostly relating to Visas, Financial Aid and Graduation timing. Please contact us to discuss. Summer is a good time to take care of that.

NOTE: Many of these courses count for various requirements. Please make sure you are not taking a redundant class because you cannot get credit for an AP (or IB or advanced standing credits) and the class equivalent if you take it at NYU.


Office of Global Programs runs a large number of programs around the world that may interest you.

Some of these include:

NYU Abu Dhabi – Full degree granting campus with an Interactive Media department

NYU Shanghai – Full campus with the original IMA program that offers a wide variety of IMA classes

NYU Berlin
AR and the Gallery (offered every semester beginning Fall 2020)
Creative Experiments in Emerging Music Technologies (2-point course offered by Tisch Recorded Music)

NYU Tel Aviv
Health Tech & the Startup EcoSystem: The Emergency Care System Challenge (2-point beginning Fall 2020)
Entrepreneurship Program / Internship Program
Program in Archeology

NYU Buenos Aires

NYU Paris
Computer Science Pathway (Machine Learning, Computer Security, Operating Systems, Data Structures)
IRCAM – Sound Design & Spatialization (Steinhart Music Tech pathway)

But spend time looking at all the amazing other classes and sites!

Global Study Planner – if a student searches for “core” here it will show what will be offered where and in what semester

Cost estimates / Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Advisement/Faculty Mentors

You have each been assigned a “faculty mentor”. This is a full time faculty member whom you are required to meet with. They are assigned to you to talk through your overall plans, trajectory, discuss classes, and so on.

These folks aren’t there for technical questions such as “will this class count for this?” For technical administrative or academic advising questions, please email ima-advise@itp.nyu.edu.

See your faculty mentors!

Transfer Students

We will share your individual “spreadsheet” with you that includes all of the classes you have taken so far and which requirement they fulfill. You can discuss this preliminary breakdown with an academic advisor to make sure you agree with the assessment.

Policies and Procedures Handbook

Here is the 2022-2023 Policies and Procedures Handbook.

The purpose of this handbook is to help familiarize you with Tisch School
of the Arts policies and procedures. Much of the information contained
here will affect you on an ongoing basis – matters such as academic standards, grading policies, registration regulations, degree requirements, etc. We expect you to become conversant with the policies and procedures that affect your life as a student of this School and as a student of your particular department. In addition, individual Tisch departments often supplement this handbook with their own departmental sourcebook.

The handbook is a publication of the Tisch Office of Student Affairs. The
office is here to help you with almost any concern that affects your life as
a student at the School and at New York University. If you do not find the
answer to your questions in this handbook, write, call or stop by the Tisch Office of Student Affairs, 726 Broadway, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10003; phone 212-998-1900. A detailed breakdown of the services offered by the office is included in this handbook, as well as a detailed listing of Tisch administrators. You are also encouraged to visit our website, http://students.tisch.nyu.edu.