General Physics I (PHYS-UA 11)

With PHYS-UA 12, forms a two-semester sequence that must be taken in order. Lecture and laboratory-recitation. Not open to students who have completed PHYS-UA 91 with a grade of C- or better. Offered in the fall. 5 points. Begins a two-semester introduction to physics intended primarily for preprofessional students and for those majoring in a science other than physics, although well-prepared students may wish to take the physics majors sequence PHYS-UA 91, PHYS-UA 93, PHYS-UA 94, PHYS-UA 95, and PHYS-UA 96 instead. Topics include kinematics and dynamics of particles; momentum, work, and energy; gravitation; circular, angular, and harmonic motion; mechanical and thermal properties of solids, liquids, and gases; heat and thermodynamics.

Physics (Undergraduate)
5 credits – 15 Weeks