Non-major Registration

Departments at NYU have various procedures for course registration by non-majors. This page represents our latest knowledge. If you have any questions or issues, you should reach out to the individual department directly.

Tandon’s Integrated Digital Media IDM (DM-UY)

Email Eric Maiello <> for a permission code

Tisch’s Film and TV

Reference their Procedures for Non-Majors page. Typically their courses open to non-majors a few weeks after their majors register.

IMA Shanghai In general, IMA NY students should be able to directly enroll in IMA Shanghai courses.

If Albert doesn’t recognize your prerequisite submit an NYU Shanghai Incoming Study Away Students Registration Request Form

Email with any additional issues, questions, or concerns.

A site for IMA NY Students to find equivalent courses outside of IMA NY

For most students joining IMA in Fall 2022 and beyond, there is a new program structure that affects the categorization of courses on this site:

Any class in any IMA major elective category (ie "Art & Design") refers to the IMA program structure previous to those entering in Fall 2022. If you are in the class of 2026 (most entering Fall 2022 or later), any course in an IMA elective category are generic IMA electives in the new structure.

Here is a link to the IMA program structure (class of 2026 and beyond):