Intensive Interm Spanish (SPAN-UA 9020)

SPAN-UA 9020.002 (Intensive Intermediate Spanish) is a six-credit course that continues and reviews the introductory level Spanish learned in SPAN-UA.1 and SPAN-UA.2, or in SPANUA. 10, while introducing literary readings, short films, and more complex composition exercises. The course involves an integration of the four basic skills: listening, speaking,reading and writing with the aim to improve communication in Spanish. Through this integrated approach, you will participate in a practical application of vocabulary, grammar,and culture. The course emphasizes mastery of language skills through specific contexts and dialogical situations.At the end of the course students will read a novel which will also be used to review many of the grammatical points covered in the textbook and class work, to improve analytical thinking and literary criticism skills, as well as to verbally express opinions about the situations presented in the novel. The goals of this course are to provide you with the opportunity to improve your oral and written communication skills in the language, by applying all the grammar rules you have learned and will be reviewing. You will be expected to substantially increase your working vocabulary and make solid progress in reading and writing skills.

Spanish (Undergraduate)
6 credits – 6 Weeks

Sections (Summer 2024)

SPAN-UA 9020-000 (2585)
at NYU Buenos Aires (Global)
Instructed by

SPAN-UA 9020-000 (2608)
05/21/2024 – 07/01/2024 Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM (Morning)
at NYU Madrid (Global)
Instructed by Castillo, Maria