Summer ’23 ITP/IMA Courses


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ITP / IMA Media Fee Disclaimer: Please be advised, ITP / IMA courses are assigned a $274.00 Media Fee, which applies to ITP / IMA students as well as non-departmental students. For Summer term, the Media Fee is charged on a per-class basis. This fee grants students Equipment Room check-out privileges, as well as access to the physical computing shop and machines in our departmental space in 370 Jay / 4th floor. The Media Fee is non-refundable.

Making Data Tangible

IMNY-UT 260 – 1 (5927)

John Kuiphoff

Tu/Fr 10:00am – 1:30pm (07/07 – 08/15) – 6W2

This hands-on course will explore ways to tell compelling stories using data and emerging media/fabrication tools. Students will learn to collect data, find interesting patterns, design digital models, and construct physical artifacts using laser cutters and 3D printers. We will visualize everything from subway busker tactics to real-time influencer trends. In fact, we will literally hold the output of that data in our hands. In addition to learning fabrication tools, students will be encouraged to apply their unique interests and skill sets to their data visualization projects (music, video, performance, creative coding, etc.).