ITP/IMA Physical Computing Workshops

Fall 2022

Finally picked up your PComp kit but have no idea what the parts do?

Confused about this whole Ohm’s Law nonsense?

Did you accidentally blow up all your Arduinos and class hasn’t even started yet?

ITP/IMA PComp Workshops are here to help!

PComp Workshops // Help Sessions are every Monday and Thursday at 3:30pm-5:00pm EST – starting this Thursday the 8th. All ITP and IMA students are welcome!

These sessions are a place for you to work on projects, ask any questions, get feedback, concept development, and do anything else PhysComp related. It’s also a great place to see what your peers are working on.

Haven’t done this week’s lab/homework yet? Do it at the workshop & get your questions answered at the same time 🙌

Location: Shop

RSVP here:

These times don’t work for you? Let us know! Or book our office hours. (You can also try coding lab 😉)

Your PComp Residents,

Elias, Dave, Phil, Yony & Tora