David Rios Fall 2018

Class Times

Fall 2018

Thursdays 12:10pm – 2:40pm

Conference Room


Email: dar436@nyu.edu
Office Hours: calendar and office hour link

Class Date Exceptions

No Class Thanksgiving November 22nd

 Useful links

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A Few Good Reads

These are not on the main reading list, but I think they’re excellent reads if you’re thinking about physical interface design.

Class Notes

Week 6:

Midterm Groups:

  • Jenny & Yunze
  • Casey & Yves
  • Zhe & Morgan
  • Khensu-Ra & Maya
  • Eva & Elvin
  • Cara & Dylan & Bora


Serial Parsing Code from Class


Week 5

Link to the debugging video

Link to the midterm assignment

Week 1

Github Repository

Here is a link to a github repository of code I demonstrate in class

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