David Rios Fall 2022

Class Times

Tuesday 9:30am – 12:00pm
Room 409
370 Jay St. Brooklyn


Email: dar436@nyu.edu
ITP/IMA Discord : @rios
Office Hours Calendar: Sign Up Here (If times are unavailable or do not work for your schedule please email ! )

Resident Help Sessions

Monday & Thursday
3:30p – 5:00p
@ ITP Shop 4th floor

Group Random Generator
Presentation and Feedback Guidelines
Halloween Experience Submission Form
Debugging Guides TBD

Helpful videos

Class Blogs

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Class Slides / Links

Class 10

SPI / I2C Slides

Class 09

p5 code from class

Final Project Presentations

  • Concept:
    • Core themes, Context, Story, questions / issues addressed
  • Form:
    • What shape will it take? What are the core interactions? What is the scale?
  • Audience:
    • Who will interact? Is there a “user profile” (try to be specific)
  • How to execute:
    • Rough Schedule
    • Rough Bill of Materials
    • Rough interaction Diagram

Where possible include any physical, visual, or audio media to illustrate your ideas.

Class 08

Class 06

Motor Slides

Servo City
DF Robot

Class 05

Midterm Groups

  • Bosung & Andriana
  • Anna & Annan
  • Miaoye & Dipika
  • Austen & Simran
  • Jaxon & Alina
  • Dre & Helen & Dongxu
  • Sarah & César

Class 04

Class 03

Class 02

Class 01

Arduino References

Pin out diagram of the Arduino Nano 33 IoT
Labelled Pin out diagram of the Arduino Nano 33 IoT

Windows Driver Installation for Arduino