Yeseul Song Fall 2022

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Tuesdays 3:20pm – 5:50pm @Room 413


Yeseul Song
My work: / @yeseulsong_
Office Hours (if the times don’t work for you, email me so we can find a time)

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Learning Support

Your Arduino

Class Notes

Class #1

  • Every week, you’re expected to post assignments on your blog. Assignments are due 8pm on Mondays (to allow me and other classmates to read before the class).
  • I encourage you to take a look at your classmates’ blogs and leave comments!
  • This week, you’ll review materials and follow the labs listed under Week 1 on the Week-to-Week Activity page. Also, you’ll make a DIY switch (feel free to work in groups) described under one of the labs. Make a blog post to document your lab experience, questions if you have any, and your switch. If you can, bring your switch to the next class!

Class #2

arduino button circuit photo and diagram
Digital input/output circuit from the in-class lab. Button+LED circuit.
You can use this circuit with an examples “Arduino -> Examples -> Digital -> Button”
Follow Lab: Digital Input and Output to learn more about what’s going on.


  • Follow the three labs listed under Week 2 and watch the videos.
  • If you can, make a simple application, based on one of the labs. Add an output, such as an LED or speakers. Some examples of the application can be: an speaker instrument where you can use FSRs as an interface, a game that you need to figure out a way to turn on an LED as soon as possible (e.g., LED turns on after you press button 1 two times and button 2 one time), a button that requires patience (e.g., the LED turns on slowly over 10 seconds once you press a button)… Wondering what can a button be?! Here’s a project by Hayeon Hwang. If you’re curious to see work by other studentsThomas Chen’ traffic lightFaith Zheng’s Irony LightDavid Yang’s Indecisive Button
  • Make a blog post with your experience following the labs (document your process, what worked and not, include image/videos as well), questions, and your creation (if you make any).



Class #4

Pairs for Midterm Project

  • Hafferty,Sam – Lee,Yu-Ying
  • Pimentel,Tres – Yu,Olive
  • Hsu,Becky – Harris,Spencer
  • Wu,Michelle Mong Qi – Zhang,Peter
  • Kantak,Anvay – Jones,Briana
  • Crandall,Lily – Fan,Bingrui
  • Kim,Angie – Medina,Alfonssette
  • Kim,Christie – Martinez,Maria Paz – Qi,Yuxuan

Value Smoothing

Class #5

Project Planning

Class #7

  • Document your project while it’s fresh in your mind and when the project is alive! They’ll become a precious portfolio element and resource for yourself. Please do this by the end of Friday and I’ll take a look. I encourage you to include these items:
    • 1) Project title and description
    • 2) Final video documentation
    • 3) Circuit and Code documentation
    • 4) Process documentation
    • 5) Happy moments / Challenges
    • 6) If you had more time on this project, what would you improve? What would you do differently?

Class #10