VR History – NYC

This project uses virtual reality to guide the viewer on a historically accurate tour through three snapshots of an intersection over the course of New York City history.

Ethan Printz



This Unity-based VR experience seeks to recount New York City’s history through the perpetual changing of its environments. One location is tracked through its many changes over hundreds of years. The hope is to be factual in nature, educational in context, and fun to experience. For the purposes of this virtual show, I will act as tour guide through the historical environment, guiding viewers through a first-person view while explaining the historical significance of the environments. The location I chose for this incarnation of the project is just off the Northeast corner of Washington Square Park, on the street of Washington Square East, as this location had an abundance of historical reference material to examine and carries personal weight for many of the students in our community. I examined hundreds of photos, drawing, maps, and writings to construct these environments as realistically as possible- though there is still some manipulation of the visual environment and usage of assets to cut down on modeling time needed in light of my other four final projects. Movement in the experience is teleportation-based, both around the environment and onto points in order to teleport between time periods. While the project is in a perfectly presentable and feature-complete at the moment, there will nonetheless be some small additions to it by the time of the show. I’ll scatter about some of my reference materials within the scene, will improve the audio soundscapes, and will touch up the modeling and placement of assets within the scenes.

IMA/ITP New York
Immersive Experiences (UG)

Interacting with Abydos

Interactive exhibition that focuses on the Abydos excavation site in Egypt.

Elizabeth Chiappini, Ge Chang, Katie Han, Sydney Meyers



Interacting with Abydos is an interactive digital exhibition that focuses on the Abydos Excavation site in Egypt. Abydos is an ancient site where archeologists have uncovered a 5,000 year old history. Our exhibition aims to leverage innovative technology used by the archeology team at Abydos to create interactive experiences that demystify life in ancient Abydos. We worked closely with Matthew Adams, a senior research scholar at NYU who has been working on the Abydos site since 1999.

In this exhibition, presented as a website, we reveal the everyday life of people in Ancient Egypt based on what the artifacts from the Abydos site tell us. The physical installation, shown through 3D renderings of the space, imagines a large-scale exhibition where people can learn about the excavation site and findings in person. The digital interactive adapts the journey of the exhibition into a desktop experience.

IMA/ITP New York
Playful Communication of Serious Research

100 Days of Future Sketches

100 days of future sketches are my way to sketch out ideas of dynamic interactive/psychedelic visuals for web.

Rui An



Interactive web visual sketches.

IMA/ITP New York
100 Days of Making

Treasure Tracking

Trace the trade path of Chinese lost cultural heritage

Ruixuan Li, Tianxu Zhou, Monni Qian



China has a long history of 5000 years, during which, there exists a huge amount of cultural treasures. However, due to wars, political and economic factors, as well as many other complex reasons, a lot of treasures were lost, many of which were divided into pieces and traveling around the world now. China has always been working on reuniting them and eventually bringing them back home. However, it definitely ain’t easy since the treasures were traded by many parties and the routes are hard to track over time. They might have traveled abroad in multiple places and landed in museums, auctions, galleries, or individuals’ hands. So, we are planning to create a map to trace the trade path of Chinese lost cultural heritage.

IMA/ITP New York
All Maps Lie


Embark on a collaborative decision making journey and experience the beauty of our brain with NEU

Jingyi Zhou, Tianxu Zhou, Ziyu Gao, Zhoujian Sheng



NEU is a mobile game aiming at publicizing the little-known stories behind our everyday decision making. Backed by NYU famous neuroscientist Paul Glimcher, we adopt a playful approach to unravel the secrets of how different brain parts work collaboratively to make optimal decisions. Users will be able to test the beta version of game while learning the neuroscience firsthand.

IMA/ITP New York
Playful Communication of Serious Research


Record the diary in a meditative way

Dan Qi Qian, Tianxu Zhou



It’s an AR voice diary where users could record their own diary and the recording will be translated into a simple drawing in the space, at the same time, users will get audio feedback which in the end will be turned into music composition.

IMA/ITP New York
Mobile Lab

Synthetic Gardens, Electric Dreams

Upon waking up from your REM sleep, join a tour with me in the synthetic gardens, electric dreams

Caren Ye



As virtual reality transforms us into an immersive space, the wandering experience in the synthetic garden resembles our experiences in the REM sleep stage, which is associated with dreaming, memory consolidation, learning, and problem solving to visit our unconscious mind.

Using human bodies, gestures, imaginary creatures with elements from man-made world and nature, the garden unwraps a world inspired by the unheeded nature, fantasy fictions, traditional Chinese garden art (Yuanlin) and rituals, speculating the relationship between man and nature in the digital neutropia.

It will also be like an interactive audio-visual experience with spatial music arranged throughout the journey.

IMA/ITP New York
ITPG-GT.2422.001, ITPG-GT.2177.001
Live Image Processing and Performance, Synthetic Architectures

Professor Soir's Escape Zoom

Professor Soir Escape Zoom is a non-linear experiential virtual escape room experience that invites players to discover hidden information.

Emma Grimm, Martin Martin, Helen Zegarra, Jianhao Ma, Melissa Powers, Tirta Rachman, Yiting Liu



In this project, three players are given different roles as research assistants. They all work for Professor Soir. On the journey of working on their tasks, they discover certain information that requires them to work together and make the final decision together.

Limited Attendance: Click Here To Make a Reservation

IMA/ITP New York
Escape Room

Late Night Island

Late Night Island is a VR meditation experience that attempts to recall the warm, quiet but lonely feelings.

Wen Chen



Late Night Island is a VR meditation experience that attempts to recall the warm, quiet but lonely feelings. Following the light hint, visitors will find the mysterious coffee shop hiding behind rocks and forest, and enjoy the music I chose. This piece is aimed to help people relieve the pressure and embrace the loneliness during quarantine by creating an imaginary resort.

This work is inspired by my personal experience of staying at a coffee shop until midnight. I used to visit cozy and dim light coffee shops when I didn't feel like going home alone. Coffee shop for me is an escape from the boring and limited space. Currently, many people like me are restricted to our own rooms, which results in the feeling of ultimate isolation and despair. Through creating a nonexistent island in Virtual Reality, I would like to invite people to take a break and get away from the limit of reality.

IMA/ITP New York
Synthetic Architectures

100 Days of Abstract Drawing

My mind and the mind of neural work, where is the boarder line?

Fanyi Pan



100 Days of Abstract Drawing is a project in which the author draws an abstract drawing by hand and color them digitally for 100 days. During the live demo in the zoom, she will be showcasing machine learning generated images trained on images of her Instagram account @panpan_doc using StyleGAN.

Click on [Learn More] for website

IMA/ITP New York
100 Days of Making