The Compliment Project

Mingna Li

The Compliment Project is a web app that allows ITP students to compliment each other as a community, in order to relieve stress and give moral support in making creative projects.


The Compliment Project derives from the compliment service I offered at ITP last semester. My past service was that clients can reserve a period of time (from 1 day to 1 year), and I would compliment them in different way every day. The service last for a month because when I reach to more than 10 clients, I got too busy.

This semester, I decided to change my strategy and let people compliment each other, so I designed this web app for ITP community. ITP students often encounter frustration and stress when working towards their creative endeavor. I hope through receiving and giving compliments, this app can give more encouragement and moral support to people in the ITP community.

This app uses express and SQL database, and it is deployed on Heroku. The database saves all compliments people entered. This app is intended to be installed at somewhere that many people pass by and can quickly interact with, for example, near the elevator or at hallway.


Dynamic Web Development, Quantified Humanists: Designing Personal Data


Louise Lessel, Matthew Ross, Max Horwich

A networked interactive music experience


Audance invites users to create beautiful, expressive music together over a networked connection. Using the computer's keyboard, mouse and webcam as musical controllers, each click or keystroke and its corresponding sound are broadcast over the internet, allowing participants to play together in realtime, regardless of their proximity to each other.

Each keypress triggers a different note, either playing it once, holding it, or retriggering it on a loop. With the mouse, you can control filters on the keyboard synthesizer or click and drag to play an additional instrument. If selected, the webcam can also be used as a musical controller, either as an additional filter on the keyboard synthesizer or as an instrument on its own.

With sound synthesized in Tone.js and visuals animated in p5.js, Audance provides rich visual feedback for each musical event, allowing users to find their creative flow regardless of their level of musical experience.


Sound in Space, Thesis

Pain Killer

Fenfen CHEN, Yuanyuan Wang

This is a garment that relieves the symptoms associated with menstrual cramps in women.


This is a garment that relieves the symptoms associated with menstrual cramps in women. Heating pads are placed in the abdomen and shoulders to relieve dysmenorrhea and shoulder pain during menstruation. The close-fitting and breathable sportswear texture material makes the heating pad provide better insulation. We tried to cooperate with the heating material created by Loomia company, so as to provide the most suitable heating cloth for the human body with the thinnest heating material. The lighting on the back of the garment shows the woman's energy state.


Homemade Hardware, Intro to Wearables

Feedback Mirror

Bora Aydintug

Look at your self and your surrounding in an alternative way



Feedback Mirror is an interactive piece that visualises the webcam image in an adjustable system of typographic elements treated as pixels. The typographic pixels rotate based on brightness and also create recursive feedback patterns that are combined with the image. The project includes a midi controller for the user to adjust settings and navigate between 3 visualization modes.

Pixel is the smallest building-block of digital Image. Based on the assumption that “I” is the only epistemological certainty, Feedback Mirror uses the letter “I” as it's building-block while representing the image of the user. At certain value combinations, the divide between the user and their surroundings disappear, thus the user may navigate around the threshold between the figure and the ground.

While the name “Feedback” describes the feedback-loop patterns that appear in the resulting image, it's also a play on the fact that looking at one's own image in the mirror is a feedback-loop where one looks at the thing they're looking from. The cognitive and emotional impact of facing their own image keeps being amplified while travelling between the image and the source of the image.


The World, Pixel By Pixel


Fenfen CHEN, Xiaotong Ma

“Purr ”is an emotional healing app for overseas students.



“Purr ”is an emotional healing app for overseas students.
Purr is your friend, aiming at study, finance, health and other aspects to ease the anxiety of overseas students. It also has special problems for ITPers.
Let's purr purr purr…

IOS APP Kit: SpriteKit, Speech, AVFoundation, UIKit
API: DialogFlow


Mobile Lab

100 Days of Spaceships

James Hosken

Every day for 100 days I made, then animated, a 3D spaceship. This project is the result.


As part of 100 Days of Making, every day I alternately designed then animated a 3D spaceship in Blender 3D. This submission will be a video compilation of all the animations (on a screen), and perhaps a poster or two with printouts and descriptions of the ships.

The presentation of this project will include the video, printed posters of the spaceships, and printed text about the process. In person I'll talk about the process and emotional journey.


100 Days of Making

I See You

Mark Lam, Tushar Goyal

'I See You' is a surveillance project that brings to light privacy vulnerabilities in wifi networks and what they can expose about people and their location data.


'I See You' is a surveillance project that brings to light privacy vulnerabilities in wifi networks and what they can expose about people and their location data. It uses consumer level free and/or minimal costing hardware and software to monitor device locations throughout the ITP floor which are then visualized on a digital floor map in real time.

The project has fun visual component by showing people on the ITP floor represented by their device's MAC address. However, by displaying such information it also encourages viewers to think about questions like:
What is a network?
What are you giving up to be a part of one?
Knowing what you are giving up, would you still want to be a part of the network?

* This is currently prototyped with one access point by the show we will have all access points on the floor mapped




Ching-Hsi Chou

ar drawing in iphone


A drawing app allows you to “draw” in augmented reality. Inspired by light drawing, I want to created an experience for the user to “draw light” in the environment.


Mobile Lab, Mobile Lab

Perspectives in the National Parks

Jaekook Han

Explore the happenings in the National Parks and discover the gap between the google maps


Perspectives in the National Parks is a project that shows the various way of seeing of four national parks which are Yellowstone, Acadia, Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains national parks through the map collection, “Mapping the National Parks” from Library of Congress in the US. This project will explore the gap between the old way of cartography and modern style like google maps. In nowadays, people can variously see the maps on the web like street view, satellite view but people only see the technology in there. However, old maps which are drawn by hands of cartographer only shows one perspective, but people can feel the human touch and cartographer's endeavor. In this project, I want to show different aspects of the old maps and also, reveal the cartographer who made the maps by there physical effort.


Artists in the Archive


Becca Moore

Wave Stitcher is an e-textile exploration using conductive yarn and LEDs to recreate the feeling of a visit to the cliffs of Big Sur, California.


Wave Stitcher is an e-textile exploration. Inspired by our Intro to Wearables class lectures on Construction Methods, Environment & Slow fashion, I wanted to explore creating textiles that reflect moments in nature that I feel connected to. Maybe one way to increase the longevity of our garments' life cycle is to embed them with a connection of a place we love to be reminded of. In this case I use the ocean/sky color gradation of a misty day out at Big Sur, California. The conductive yarn rows connect when the bottom button is connected, turning on a row of LEDs in the back that mirror the scarf's wave stitch.