Dunk Yaron Catapult

This project allows Web users to control elements in a live television broadcast. In this case, the Web audience can activate a catapult that hurls actual objects on to television studio stage.

On the home television we see a young man sitting in a dunk tank reading poetry. When a web user successfully aims at the dunk lever, he is dunked. This is a segment in a late night circus called UTV.

This was a collaboration with Sharleen Smith Yaron Ben-Zvi, Jed Ela, Ruel Espejo and Wayne Chang of Oxygen Media, Convergence Lab

Technical Notes: I wrote both the Web and producers’ interface for picking contestants in Macromedia Director/Lingo outputting to Shockwave. I used the Multi-User Server for the networking. I built the electronics and programmed in Basic the microcontroller that senses the motors in the catapult.

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