Photography 2 (PHTI-UT 1002)

Prerequisite: Photography I or permission from the Department. This course is recommended for transfer students and non-majors. During the Fall and Spring, non-majors must fill out the following form to request access to the course: Photo II is a course that expands upon the principles and tools of Photography I. Students will start out continuing to refine analog skills through a series of short technical assignments. Students will work on exercises with on-camera flash, medium format camera, and tungsten lighting to further their technical skills. At the heart of the class is the development of two long-term projects in which students can hone their creative vision. Weekly critiques of students’ projects will include discussions on content, aesthetics, editing, and technique. Class time will also be spent on slide presentations of historical and contemporary photography, technical lectures, and lab demonstrations. While students will predominantly be working in analog, digital photography will be introduced. Topics to be covered include the use of a digital SLR, the basics of Adobe Photoshop, and film scanning. Students are required to have a film camera with a light meter and manual functions in addition to film and photographic paper to execute their assignments. A lab fee is charged for this course.

Photography and Imaging (Undergraduate)
4 credits – 6 Weeks