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Non-Major Registration

(This page will be updated on a semester by semester basis when courses are announced.  If it is not up to date with the specific registration dates, please email us at

Code! and Code 2!

Code! / Code! 2 are fully-online classes designed for non-IMA students, are available with no permission required from the start of every registration period.

IMA Foundations

Creative Computing and Communications Lab will be open to non-majors on 06/21/2022.  These courses to the general NYU population a week after incoming students register.

IMA Fall 2022 Electives (Open to IM Abu Dhabi, Tandon IDM, and IMA Shanghai on 05/06/2022, open to all NYU students on 05/13/2022)

IMA undergraduate courses are open to the general NYU population shortly after (generally 2 weeks) the normal registration period for Fall and Spring. Some classes will have prerequisites, which are listed in the NYU Albert notes for each class.

Summer courses are generally available to non-majors.

IMA Minors, IDM, IMA Shanghai, and IM Abu Dhabi students are given priority registration.

If you have questions, you can email

Media Fee Disclaimer:
Please be advised there is a one-time Media Fee (~$269.00) associated with registering in one (or more) IMA / ITP classes. The Media Fee grants you access to equipment check-out from IMA / ITP’s equipment room as well as access to all of the machines in the physical computing shop.

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