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Non-Major Registration

(This page will be updated on a semester by semester basis when courses are announced.  If it is not up to date with the specific registration dates, please email us at


IMA NY (Undergraduate) Fa24 Non-Major Registration Information:

All Fa24 IMNY-UT sections open for self-registration in Albert, no permission required, according to the below schedule:
– On 04/15/2024, IMA NY majors and minors may self-enroll.
– On 04/22/2024, IMA Shanghai Majors and Minors / IM Abu Dhabi Majors and Minors / IDM (undergraduate) Majors and Minors may self-enroll.
– On 04/29/2024, all NYU academic plan codes may self-enroll.

Please Note:

  • IMNY-UT 400 – Capstone, IMNY-UT 901 – Internship, and IMNY-UT 902 – Independent Study are not open to non-IMA NY students.
  • IMNY-UT 1 – Code! and IMNY-UT 2 – Code! 2 are open for self-enrollment on 04/15/2024 for all NYU academic plan codes, no permission required.
  • IMNY-UT 101 – Creative Computing and IMNY-UT 102 – Communications Lab will remain reserved for IMA NY student registration only through 06/19/2024. On 06/20/2024, these courses will open to all NYU academic plan codes, no permission required.
ITP / IMA NY Media Fee Disclaimer:
Please be advised, ITP / IMA NY courses are assigned a $284.00 Media Fee, which applies to ITP / IMA NY students as well as non-departmental students. For non-departmental students, the fee is charged for registration in one (or more) ITP or IMA NY courses, but not a combination of both. For departmental students, the fee is charged regardless of registration in departmental courses. This fee grants students Equipment Room check-out privileges, as well as access to the physical computing shop and machines in our departmental space in 370 Jay / 4th floor. The Media Fee is non-refundable.
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