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NYU Undergraduate Experiences at IMA

David Yang

IMA student
“IMA is magical! Everyday there is someone doing something fun and brilliant happening on the floor. The professors, residents, and students here are crazy and friendly. I get to use all the equipment that is available at the ITP/IMA department for any purpose. The people in IMA make me feel like it is my second home. There is no other place I would rather be.”

Alex Wang

IMA student
“Studying at IMA enables me to think critically about the development of technology. Theories and ideas we discuss in class give me more understanding of the impact of technology on our society. Courses in IMA also introduce various tools that I can use to create new media art. I am on my way to be an artist, a coder, as well as a thinker.”

Isabelle Rieken

IMA student
“It’s hard to sum up what IMA is because it has so many pieces, but the best part is the community that it has created. I’m constantly surrounded by other creatives that are always excited to collaborate. I wouldn’t be happier anywhere else!”

Julia Ann Fernandez

IMA student
Before coming to NYU, I was worried that with such a large student population there would be a lack of community, but I quickly found my home at 370 Jay St. I've never been apart of such an inspiring, innovative, and creative community like the one at IMA. Whether it's to help me with a project I'm working on or just to stop and chat, my peers and faculty are always there for support.

Tyler Burrell

IMA student
"IMA has opened my mind, allowing me to explore endless possibilities through emerging media and technology. I learned how important it is to have an opportunity to implement fun in your work, and while the coursework is loaded, you are able to take your interests and apply them into your project. IMA has given me a chance to find what I enjoy creating and what I’d prefer to leave alone. I am also grateful for the wonderful community we have, IMA / ITP is surrounded with students and residents who show they care and faculty are passionate about teaching the subject. Realistically I can not see myself anywhere else besides IMA and I am ecstatic to continue learning! "

Ruyi Chen

IMA student
“I like how diverse and welcoming everyone is. I like our professors and staffs - they are so nice and friendly :)”
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