NYU Undergraduate Experiences at ITP

Since IMA is the new Undergraduate equivalent of the ITP Graduate Program, we’ve included a few testimonials from NYU undergraduate students who have taken ITP courses.

“I went into my undergraduate Creative Computing course at ITP knowing close to nothing about new media or physical computing. Getting exposed to Arduino, p5.js, and soldering , I realized that though I am not a coder, my passion lies in designing digital products and experiences that people can meaningfully interact with.”

Elaine Lo

“My experience at ITP helped me branch out in a new direction that merged design and physical computing. ITP improved my understanding of the endless potential that interactivity can bring to a project and how to create and manipulate an experience from technology built from the ground up. The facilities, resources and professors at ITP made anything possible.”

Patrick King

“As a film and television undergraduate student at NYU with a focus in experimental film and video art, the opportunity to take a class in ITP helped to open my eyes to a new creative landscape. The ability to experiment with hardware and software as a tool for expanding my image-making process has been integral in my development as a young artist. Being able to contextualize my love for image-making within new forms helped to question filmmaking and further free my work from traditional cinema.”

Rebecca Shapass

“As an undergrad at NYU Gallatin, I was tasked with crafting a unique concentration from the various wings of NYU. I had a background in the circus and theater, and I was studying aesthetic philosophy and literature; I wanted to find an art form in which I could test the premises of the theory I was learning. Intro to Physical Computing changed everything. Learning how to make interactive technical artwork blew open the ways in which I thought about aesthetics, and formed the basis for my thesis and subsequent work in graduate school and in my studio. I took a handful of other classes at ITP as an undergrad – on animation, generative art, mechanical engineering, sustainable energy, and time – each one had a similarly radical effect on my work. ITP was a great way to balance my philosophical research with hands-on experimentation.”

Sam Galison

My ITP course provided the link between technology and human subjectivity that now serves as the foundation for my undergrad concentration. The class, Creative Computing, coupled coding education with critical social and technology theories–I learned how computers “think” and what to think about computers. It was a class I couldn’t find anywhere else at NYU and it’s helped shape the rest of my academic pursuits.

Lila Rimalovski

I loved the freedom. There aren’t many programs out there which give a structure for that kind of technological creativity. It was a great framework for me to learn more about what I specifically was interested in, and how to dive further into it.

Brian Bolles