Capstone 2022

A sonic concept album guided by the evolution of Mario Kart, item boxes guiding the process of logic-creation and raw material provided by Rainbow Road scores (+ one sample of the Big Bang).


When you have infinite possibilities, then what do you do, what gives? If the universe is a creation of space that is constantly expanding, then how does structure, form, order, stuff arise—how’s it made?

For me the question becomes: how do I make in a realm of infinite possibility?

The answer so far stumbled upon seems to be to follow what you love, and to trust in that balance of knowing and not-knowing: going forth into the mystery in autotelic, agape endeavor. That seems to be what play is, and that seems to be where fun lies. It is far less about outcome, and much more about time spent. This kind of time spent seems fortifying and enriching, something we seem to call, in its wake, an avenue for newness: learning; however, learning, whilst integral and powerful to life, seems to be concomitant with its process of living and dying (and so on and so forth), rather than the reason for it.

That is the premise, and that is the basis of this project.


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Capstone (UG)