Gear & Loading by Aite Aigbe

Capstone 2022

A motion-based, role-playing game that emphasizes slowness in completing a menial task.

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For my capstone project, I have made a satirical, motion-based, role-playing game that can be played on any computer with a webcam. I’ve also developed a dependency chart that may fully outline the game’s timeline. This project was driven by my interest in alternative input methods, my experience with 3D in the browser, and my newfound knowledge of phenomenology, ontology, and the body in philosophy. I created Gear as a means to reflect on my creative practice and my reliance on my tools I require to produce creative content. Using the React JavaScript library and the Three.js 3D JavaScript library, Gear was created to be played in a platform-agnostic, progressive web app. Mediapipe Holistic, Handtrack.js, and Kalidokit are responsible for movement which allows the player to truly embody the virtual reality model. At the time this was written, I had not yet developed the full game to my specifics, however, I have received great feedback for my prototypes that will support my decisions as development continues.


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Capstone (UG)
VR\\AR,Machine Learning,Play/Games,UX/UI Design