ADHD App Adjuster – Alison Huang

Capstone 2022

This project is an accessibility tool that aims to help those with ADHD.


As technology advances, the disparity between neurotypical and neurodivergent needs has widened. With each group perceiving information differently, the line between what is real and what we perceive as real has blurred. Our subjective reality lives in the area of the brain that works as a pattern generator. In the current day and age, pattern generation is how our brains organize information. Pre-civilization, pattern generation in the brain was a key component of survival allowing humans to better see connections which aided in problem solving and intuitive thinking. Pattern generation in the subjective reality is majorly affected by social factors such as our experiences, family, and religion.

With each individual experiencing a unique subjective reality, the question of accessibility arises. Considering that a majority of UI/UX design is catered towards able people, the question arises of how those with cognitive disabilities perceive information differently and how that disparity can be minimized.


Class info

Capstone (UG)
Health, Product Design, Community