Emerging Media Studio: Digital Bodies (PHTI-UT 1018)

Digital Bodies is an intermediate 3D imaging studio course that examines and explores the current technological applications and conceptual implications of the post-photographic digital human simulations. We will regularly study the work that deals with digital bodies by contemporary artists and photographers such as LaTurbo Avedon, Chen Man, Quentin Deronzier, Hyphen-lab, Hayoun Kwon, and Gregory Bennett, and many digital art platforms in various categories, such as artificial human imaging, digital fashion models, and deepfake. We will be discussing the various theories relating to the idea of cyborg and post-human conditions. Students will be learning 3D imaging skills for building, scanning, appropriating, and customizing prefabricated body models from multiple resources, exploring their movements that both imitate and go beyond the limits of reality, expanding conceptual themes. Besides the technical exercises, students are encouraged to create semester-long self-directed research and a final project using the imaging technology they’ve learned. Artist visits, field trips, and exhibition visits will also be arranged online or according to the public health safety situation. The exhibition of the students’ final projects will be arranged at the end of the semester. *The class is suitable for students with basic skills of 3D imaging in Maya.

*Please note: The course is ideally to be taken after taking the Intro to Post-photographic Imaging Course. However, course permission can be given to students with basic 3D imaging skills. Please contact Professor Fu for any question: snowyunxuefu@nyu.edu

The Emerging Media Studio courses explore methods to creatively think through and hybridize artistic photographic practice with emerging media technologies from medicine, the military, archaeology, urban planning, environmental science and other industries. Projects may take open-ended forms such as video, virtual reality environments, site-based performance, spatial imaging, 3D fabrication and photographic documentation. Critical readings and ideas drawn from artists as well as professionals in other fields are discussed. Our practice is learning how to adapt to and position ourselves as artists making unique contributions to the social dynamics of culture and a constantly shifting universe of media.

Photography and Imaging (Undergraduate)
4 credits – 15 Weeks

Sections (Fall 2021)

PHTI-UT 1018-000 (23092)09/02/2021 – 12/14/2021 Fri2:00 PM – 5:00 PM (Early afternoon)at Washington SquareInstructed by Fu, Yunxue