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JOB: Temporary Web Designer Position for

> We are an Internet discovery and personalization company [1]
> looking for a designer to join a team of engineers (in NYC) on a
> temporary basis to help with the UI and design of a number of
> distributed assets in a novel application. We are looking for
> someone who is minimally a user of and understand the underlying
> application of the web (Blogs, social networks, RSS, widgets…)
> and preferably its technologies (DHTML,CSS, Ajax, Flex/Flash,
> MySQL, Scripting languages,…). The candidate should be visually
> sophisticated and have a knowledge of web application interaction
> design principles.
> Required skills include:
> – Basic application and interaction design knowledge
> – Information visualization techniques/patterns
> – Photoshop
> – Web authoring tools
> – Flash/AS
> Optional skills/knowledge:
> – Flex
> – Vector Graphics
> – Blogging platforms, social networks
> – Information dissemination and retrieval mechanisms and protocols
> – Content syndication and distribution strategies
> You will be working with a talented team of computer scientists who
> will specify a detailed set of requirements. You can find out more
> about the company below. We are looking to fill the temporary
> position as soon as possible.
> Please forward your resume and portfolio of your previous work to
> [1]
> Strands
> The company is young, pre-IPO, fast moving, well funded and growing
> fast. Balancing the youthfulness is group of experienced investors
> and management team with successful previous startup experiences.
> The experience is demonstrated with a sale stream (of $12m in 2007)
> and capital investment of $55m in series B by number of major firms
> (see an
> overview). We have offices in US (NYC, DC, San Francisco, Seattle
> and Oregon) and Europe (Barcelona, Madrid and Helsinki). You can
> discover more about the company at and the
> management team at