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[JOBS] SF designers, developers, reporters for

From my friend. Tell me if you apply and want a rec:

Spot Us is Hiring: Developers, Designers and ALWAYS Looking for Reporters

June has come – and that’s when I wanted to start the search for developers.

I have specs, oh man, do I have specs. Now I need to turn those into
wire-frames, a prototype, an alpha and then a public beta.

Sounds easy, right? It always sounds easy. But one thing I’ve learned
from watching great startup artists like Jason Calacanis – you just
gotta start.

That’s why I’m looking for three types of people.
1. Developers: Either Ruby on Rails or Drupal experts (both would be great).
2. Designers – people to work on the wire frames and polished design
3. Bay Area reporters and news organizations.