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JOB: Senior Technologist, frog Shanghai

> Frog is building out it’s Shanghai office and currently looking for
> a Senior Technologist with Citizenship fluency in Mandarin. The
> latter is easy for them to find but matching the two is something
> this list might be able to do. Description below.
> 好运
> MJ
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> Frog design is looking for technologists in Shanghai, China.
> The Senior Technologist is an expert in UI/UX within the overall
> context of application development. He/she is responsible for
> requirements analysis, rapid visual and interaction prototyping,
> visual and non-visual component design, and successful
> implementation and/or integration of applications and services
> across presentation, logic, and data services tiers. At frog
> design, the Senior Technologist will not only provide a high-
> fidelity implementation, but also creatively enhances the vision of
> the interaction and visual design. He/she bridges the gap between
> design and technology by providing technical guidance during the
> design process — not only bringing awareness to constraints, but
> also applying their creative thinking and problem solving abilities
> to create opportunities for innovation, Other responsibilities
> include collaborating with designers to express requirements as
> interactive prototypes, utilizing appropriate tools, assets, and
> methodologies to facilitate the iterative workflow between
> designers and technologists, and leveraging his/her own design
> sensibilities during implementation cycles. The Senior Technologist
> will often work closely with one or more Technologists and
> Technical Architects.
> A Senior Technologist translates requirements into detailed
> application specifications using best practices such as object-
> oriented design and a sound knowledge of the software design life-
> cycle. He/she also negotiates data services integration, develops
> or specifies the logic necessary to support data-binding within the
> user interface, and has responsibility for the layout, controls,
> interactions, and animation of user interfaces. In addition to
> these responsibilities, Senior Technologists provide leadership
> throughout the project life-cycle, serve as the primary technical
> contact with clients and third-parties, participate in project
> scoping and estimation tasks, and provide solution, application, or
> services architecture recommendations.
> To be considered, candidates must demonstrate user interface and/or
> application development expertise and have professional experience
> delivering a commercial release in at least two of the following
> domains/technologies:
> • Desktop, Rich Internet/Platform, or Web Applications in
> Microsoft .NET 3.x (WPF/XAML), Microsoft Silverlight, Qt Desktop,
> Adobe Flash/Flex/AIR, (X)HTML/CSS/JavaScript, or AJAX
> • Mobile Applications in Qualcomm uiOne, BREW, Symbian (UIQ or
> Nokia Series 60), Microsoft Windows Mobile, Flash Lite, or Android
> • Distributed N-Tier Applications Or Services in Microsoft .NET,
> LAMP, or J2EE
> • Consumer or Embedded Devices
> Experience with rich user interfaces, object-oriented design, data
> modeling, application development, and taking projects through an
> entire software release lifecycle is preferred. Ideal candidates
> will also have a portfolio of their recent work history showcasing
> successful software releases (particularly those which used
> iterative/agile methodologies such as scrum or feature driven
> development) and demonstrate a passion for current technology
> trends and best practices.
> Requirements Qualifications:
> • 8+ years of professional experience designing and developing
> software applications with rich user interfaces on a variety of
> technology platforms
> • Experience translating requirements into object-oriented
> applications or dynamic websites
> • Expert-level implementation skills in at least three of the
> technologies listed above
> • Detailed design-level knowledge of at least three of the
> technologies listed above
> • Ability to provide substantiated strategic technology and
> architecture recommendations
> • Strong written/oral communication skills and a willingness to
> contribute to inline code documentation
> • Bachelor’s degree in the sciences, engineering, or a creative
> discipline is required (a master’s degree is preferred)
> • Strong leadership skills and a willingness to mentor junior
> Design Technologists
> • Ability to lead tasks throughout the project life-cycle, serve
> as the primary technical contact with clients and third-parties,
> participate in project scoping and estimation tasks, and provide
> architecture, solution, and/or services recommendations
> • Fluent in Mandarin (both written/spoken) and solid English
> communication skills a must.
> • Chinese citizenship.
> Please submit your resume online to:
> frog design is an equal opportunity employer
> About frog design, inc.
> frog design, inc. is one of the world’s leading strategic-creative
> consulting firms. By identifying emerging market opportunities and
> transforming ideas into compelling product and service experiences,
> frog helps Fortune 500 clients to evolve, expand, and envision
> their businesses. Founded in Germany in 1969, the company is
> headquartered in San Francisco, California, with studios in Austin,
> TX; New York, NY; San Jose, CA; Seattle, WA; Milan, Italy;
> Shanghai, China; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Stuttgart, Germany.
> With a cross-disciplinary team of more than 350 employees, frog
> offers a broad range of industry expertise, in fields such as
> consumer electronics, software, entertainment, finance, medical,
> retail, and fashion. Clients include Alltel, Disney, GE, HP,
> Logitech, Microsoft, MTV, Seagate, Yahoo! and others.