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Job Opp at Dow Jones,

I will be leaving my job at for another opportunity, which leaves
my position open and I would like to recommend one of our prestigious

The responsibilities will be different but here is what it would require:
The job falls under IA, UX, ID
Should have proficiency in CSS, XHTML, JScript, Flash and AS could help
Could probably be entry level since you will have an ITP MA to cover the
IA, UX, ID side.
Must be willing to participate in discussions, advocate for the user and
propose innovative designs.

This is a great team to work for, I loved every second I spent here. I
learned a lot and they listened to me as well. Very easy going, but they
are diligent when it comes to work.

Salary might be between 60 – 80k +, but that is something for you to work
out with them. Probably based on what you will bring to the table. Its a
union position with good benefits.

E-mail me off list and I can fill you in on the rest.