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JOB: part time tech job at eyebeam

> Part Time Technical Assistant
> Eyebeam is accepting applications for the position of Part Time
> Technical Assistant. The successful candidate will be resourceful
> and well-versed in the technological requirements of administering
> hardware and software for new media art and creative technology
> projects. S/he will have experience maintaining a broad range of
> servers, personal computers, networks and should be an adept linux
> systems administrator. This is a part time position for the months
> of July through September 2008.
> The Technical Assistant reports to the Director of Technology and
> is responsible for the daily operation and support inclusive of:
> Servers, workstations, desktops, laptops, printers (hardware and
> software);
> Security, system backups and network infrastructure (network
> security, operating system upgrades, firewalls and routers);
> Electronic communication (email, phone system);
> Lab and other specialized equipment.
> Current projects include archiving of past projects produced at
> Eyebeam, rewiring the network room and installing new switches,
> creating an internal file server for staff with quotas, and
> centralizing print management.
> Qualifications:
> Academic qualification in a field related to the position (e.g. IT,
> Computer Science) or equivalent combination of education and work
> experience;
> Proven practical experience in linux system administration and
> network administration;
> Experience with mysql, apache, samba and cisco routers;
> Experience working with artists, technologists and volunteers;
> Experience working independently and as an effective team member;
> Highly motivated, creative, flexible and innovative thinker;
> Willing to work flexible hours;
> Excellent multi-tasking skills, highly organized.
> Compensation commensurate with experience.
> For more information or to apply, email: emma AT eyebeam DOT org
> Emma Lloyd
> director of technology
> 540 W 21st Street
> New York, NY, 10011
> T: 212.937.6580 x 238
> F: 212.937.6582