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[job] looking for talent

Begin forwarded messag=

Please pardon the spam-tastic mailing here but I’m reaching out to =
my LinkedIn(R) peeps to see if they know any talented individuals that would=
want to work at Harmonix.

We need to fill a ton of open position=
s over the next couple of months and I’m asking for your help to find awesom=
e talent. Our hires do not necessarily need to be game developers – most al=
l of our roles are traditional art, code and project management roles that y=
ou’d find in any industry and we’re happy to train.

Feel free to =
have them get in touch with me at or direct them towards =
Our most urgent need is for programmers and artists, but as you can see fro=
m the site, it doesn’t stop there.

Hope all is well. I know everyo=
ne is hiring right now, so let me know if we can send people your way too.
Peace, JA

Company: Harmonix Music Systems
Job Title: A=
rtists, Coders and practically every other position in the company
iption: Harmonix Music Systems is the creator of award-winning console title=
s Frequency, Amplitude, Karaoke Revolution, EyeToy:AntiGrav, Guitar Hero 1, =
2 and the latest smash hit, RockBand. Located in the dynamic heart of Cambri=
dge, Massachusetts, Harmonix was founded in 1995 with roots from the MIT Med=
ia Lab. Our world-class team shares a love of music and collaborates across =
all game development disciplines. All employees have say in game design and =
share creative responsibility for our innovative titles. Flexibility and goo=
d communication skills are essential to our working style. Harmonix offers a=
competitive benefits package and is an equal opportunity employer.
If you’d like to see our latest game, go to

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