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from a friend. =A0i don’t a=
ctually know these people directly.


Hi there – passing this on from a good=
friend of mine David Cohn, who is one of the most savvy and innovative jour=
nalists I’ve known.

he’s the guy who was integral in the launch of the first “crowdsour=
cing” news site (“Assignment Zero” failed, but Dave is still a major contrib=
utor and foundation for the open-source reporting blog, “New Assignment”=A0
=A0Then he helped launch “News Trust,” a community-reviewed new=
s site, ( =A0 check th=
at out!!!) –=A0
and now has won a grant t=
o start his own company, see below.

know anyone in the Bay area looking for work?

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: David Cohn <>

I’m hiring for my new nonprofit Spot Us (www=
) which will work to pioneer “community funded report=
g to pay competitive rates for the following.=A0
1. Developers: Ruby on Rails or Drupal e=
xperts (Ruby preferred). Someone who can help me take the detailed specs I h=
ave and make them a reality. They need to be good programmers – but they als=
o need to believe in the goal of the project. To democratize the media.=A0
2. Designers: Be=
cause the best I can do is stick figures.=A0
3. Bay Area Journalists: Although not technica=
lly “hiring” – is looking to compensate reporters =
for doing local enterprise reporting. We will launch in the Bay and hopefull=
y, just like Craigslist, expand to other cities.=A0
Feel free to pass this around. I can =
be reached