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Job: Web Design Developer/Texterity (fwd)

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>> Company: Texterity
>> Job Title: Web Design Developer
>> Description: Job Description:
>> Texterity seeks an experienced HTML/Javascript designer to create
>> innovative web applications and extend visual design templates.
>> The Products Group is responsible for a digital edition web
>> reader, a portal for browsing and searching across many magazines,
>> and a lead generation product which gives easy and intuitive
>> access to valued technical content. We need an engineer who can
>> take ownership of the look, feel, and usability of these
>> applications. A strong candidate will have great design
>> sensibility, excellent web development skills, and will sweat the
>> small stuff when it comes to getting a web interface just right.
>> He/she will drive innovative use of new techniques across our
>> suite of products. A candidate with experience working on
>> enterprise-level web and e-commerce applications would be the
>> strongest fit. For our current interfaces, see sample magazines at
>>, and see
>> for our beta-version magazine portal.
>> About Texterity:
>> Texterity produces digital editions of magazines for a large,
>> diversified set of business-to-business and consumer magazine
>> publishers including Meredith, O=92Reilly, Cond=E9 Nast, Penton Media,
>> Time Inc., and Hearst. We are a profitable, privately-held
>> company, and the industry leader in trade magazines. We=92re
>> building new features and capabilities that will help the
>> publishing industry bridge the gap between the web-reading
>> experience and the print magazine. In a recent project, we created
>> infrastructure to serve our magazines on iPhone/iPod Touch
>> devices, and made Apple=92s Top 10 list for iPhone applications as
>> well as a Staff Pick. We have many, varied new development
>> projects and products, and are looking for passionate, creative
>> employees that will help make a difference in the publishing
>> industry.
>> Minimum requirements:
>> =95 Strong knowledge of HTML/DHTML/Javascript, and CSS.
>> =95 Fundamental knowledge of web application architecture,
>> =95 Knowledge of JSP, Template Toolkit or other templating tools
>> =95 Knowledge of UNIX or Linux
>> =95 Ability to work with a team in a collaborative environment
>> =95 Excellent written and verbal communications
>> =95 Bachelor=92s degree
>> Desired skills:
>> =95 Experience with Flash and ActionScript, and other multimedia
>> formats.
>> =95 Participation and experience with a Software Engineering Process
>> Methodology (e.g., Agile)
>> =95 e-commerce and enterprise-level web application development
>> =95 Experience with source code version control tools
>> Other details:
>> – Full-time, salaried position located onsite in Southborough, MA
>> – Flexible hours
>> – Competitive benefits
>> – No relocation available
>> – No agencies, contractors or consultants
>> Contact info:
>> Texterity
>> 144 Turnpike Road
>> Southborough, MA 01772
>> Email is preferred. Send resumes to
>> Fax: 508-804-3110, Attention: Technology Job