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JOB: Video/Tech Operator for a theater production

> Job: Video Operator
> Show: OH WHAT WAR @ HERE Arts Center Sept 11-Oct 4, 2009
> Rehearsing: August
> Compensation: Yes
> The Job: Work with a video designer and an Isadora patch in
> rehearsals. Operate video for the run of the show. The patch has
> an element of improvisation which requires a person who wants to be
> in rehearsals to learn the show. Previous knowledge of Isadora is
> desired. Technically the system you will run controls small and
> largescale projections, live feed cameras and is responsive to a
> noise artist who performs live onstage.
> What is the show: OH WHAT WAR, is a music/theatre/video mashup.
> It’s a wartime caberet broadcast from under the battlefield in No
> Mans Land as performed by a band of deserters.
> For a look at the show you can visit:
> Contact: Mallory Catlett –