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JOB: Web Developer Wanted is looking for a Ruby on Rails developer. We’re working on a user-friendly apartment listing site that focuses on accountability and communication for both tenants and real estate professionals. We’re developing first iteration of the site, so it’s a chance to get in on the early stages of a start-up. Right now, we’re just a small team – a couple of developers and a designer… so you can put in your two cents on everything from the visual design to the way the database is modeled. We’re also open to working with someone who wants to learn Ruby on Rails (as long as they’re willing to put in time learning it on their own, outside of the project). Here’s what we’re looking for:

– you have to know at least one of the following: Ruby, Python, PHP, Java or any other “modern” web development language (if you’ve actually used bourne shell server pages, though… you’re pretty much in!)
– obviously, knowing Rails would be great, but familiarity or exposure to pretty much any sane MVC based framework would suffice
– HTML, CSS and Javascript is an absolute must (I mean.. this is the web we’re talking about, right?)
– other random things that would be nice to know: Subversion, Trac, Capistrano, Linux (CentOS to be specific) system administration

This is a work-at-home position… so if you’re into coding in your undies, this job’s for you (the only caveat is that you have to live in New York City and be available for the occasional in-person meeting). There’s also potential for you to move into a lead developer role if you’re qualified and interested. You have to be able to commit to a minimum 20 hours of work a week. Send me an email (Joe Versoza) with your resume and a short cover letter if you’re interested.