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JOB: Web Administrator/Developer at New York University

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Hello All,

Please pass this along to anyone who you think might be interested.

Thanks, Karen


New York University is see=
king a Web Administrator to administer and develop web sites for the Arts an=
d Science schools. This successful individual will establish and maintain co=
ntent, design and format on web sites following Arts and Science specificati=
ons and guidelines. S/he will manage school=92s web content management syste=
m (CMS) and web server accounts and users. Other key responsibilities will b=
e to:
=A0=A0 =A0* Establish priorities and independ=
ently resolve routine and non-routine technical matters.
=A0=A0 =
=A0* Consult with Information Technology Services when necessary; serve as a=
dvisor to Directors, Administrators, and Department Heads on related matters=
=A0=A0 =A0* Recommend and implement new technologies to meet ser=
vice needs.
=A0=A0 =A0* Present needs of department to vendors.

=A0=A0 =A0* Ability to monitor and analyze web site problems and ser=
ver/performance use.
Qualifications: Require=
d qualifications include a Bachelor=92s degree with 3 years=92 related exper=
ience or an equivalent combination. This must include experience with develo=
ping and maintaining a web site, access and security, and creating and modif=
ying scripts. Also required are excellent planning, analytical, problem solv=
ing, and communication skills and the ability to monitor and analyze web sit=
e problem. Fluent understanding of XML, CSS, HTML language, Java Script, PER=
L and Photoshop are a must. Knowledge of Flash, Java, PHP and SQL are strong=
ly recommended. The ability to monitor, analyze and report on server perform=
ance and use and knowledge of a variety of current and emerging technologies=
are required as well.
The ideal candidate will hav=
e experience with developing web sites in a content management system; exper=
ience in a higher academic environment; working knowledge of Apache server a=
nd Linux; and understanding of graphic design and information architecture.

NYU offers a competitive salary along with a superi=
or benefits package, which includes: free NYU tuition for self and eligible =
family members, generous vacation (4.4 weeks), medical, dental and pension p=
Benefits: NYU offers a superior benefits pack=
age, which includes free NYU tuition for self and eligible family members, g=
enerous vacation, medical, dental and pension plans.

Company Profile: When you come to work at New York University, it=
=92s more than just a job that awaits you. You have the opportunity to Exper=
ience Excellence.

You are joining an exciting intel=
lectual and cultural community, one where employees =96 faculty and staff =
=96 come together to create a unique product: excellence in education and re=
search. You are part of a diverse, multi-cultural and creative institution, =
one with a world-wide reputation as a leader in higher education. NYU is the=
largest private university in the United States, with 12,000 faculty and st=
aff from all over the world and 40,000 students from all 50 states and more =
than 120 foreign countries. NYU offers opportunities to have an impact on a =
truly global level.
To add to the stimulating envir=
onment, NYU is centered in Greenwich Village =96 a legendary urban neighborh=
ood, rich in cultural offerings and with a delightful small town character q=
uite unlike any other. Employees have the experience of working in a small t=
own inside a big town, with the best that both have to offer.
For more information about working at NYU and to apply for this p=
osition, visit our website at: = When asked “How were you referred to NYU?”, p=
lease select the appropriate source from the drop-down menu. We accept onlin=
e applications only.
NYU is an Equal Opportunity/Af=
firmative Action Employer.=A0
To apply, please use =
the following URL: