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Fwd: Internship available – please forward

Begin forwarded message:


From: Betsey Biggs <bb@Princeton.EDU>
Date: July 14, 2008 3:53:54 PM EDT

Cc: composition.grad@silvertone.Princet=
Internship available – please forward

Hi everyone!

I have bee=
n hard at work on a public sound art project funded by the Brooklyn Arts Cou=
ncil, in which I will make several places in Red Hook, Brooklyn come alive t=
hrough mobile audio works.

I’m looking for an intern to help me throu=
gh the rest of this month and then to help me staff a kiosk on Saturdays in =

The internship comes with a small stipend, and will give the =
right person some good experience doing publicity and prep work for a public=
art piece.

If you know of anyone – students, friends, etc — who mig=
ht be interested, please ask them to get in touch with me.



Intern Wanted for Exci=
ting Public Sound Art Project

Help create a city-funded public art pr=
oject exploring Red Hook, Brooklyn through an experimental audio tour!
The ideal candidate will

* be friendly, organized, punctual (crucia=
l!) and a self-starter
* have experience designing for web and print (pos=
* have some familiarity with audio software
* be interested in=
sound art, public art, and/or experimental music
* be familiar with (or =
willing to explore) Red Hook
* be available every Saturday in August, no =
exceptions, plus several days in July (to be worked out)

Lunch and a =
small stipend will be provided. Some work can be done from home (not the Sat=
urdays, though). I=92m hoping to find someone genuinely excited about this p=

Please email a resume and a link to one or two websites you=
=92ve designed, and feel free to ask any questions.


tsey Biggs