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Re: [JOB] JAVA Development LearnVest, Inc.

That was meant to be JAVA developme=
nt not Jave. sorry

On Jul 22, 2008, at 2:23 PM, zomg a. b=
ear wrote:

Hey there Syed!!— can you please send th=
is out to everyone you know? I am trying to hire two people to begin working=
immediately (8/1/08) and we are going to pay them to finish a project/ laun=
ch this website, then hire them full-time here in NYC. I would love find som=
eone you think can fill this role as I trust your opinion.
Also, I owe yo=
u the best Mexican dinner imaginable for any help you can provide!!


Company/ Position:
A young financial education start-up currently in priv=
ate beta started by Harvard Grads is looking for smart, enthusiastic develop=
ers to jump on board for a paid consulting project leading into to a competi=
tive-well- paying job with equity involvement.  Looking for full-time w=
orkers excited by the prospect of a fast moving company/ development job wit=
h an excellent team of fun, motivated people. Position begins 8/1/08=

Who You Are:
We want=
a developer who’s self-starting and has the initiative to undertake product=
improvements through design while helping to grow an initial prototype into=
a production system.

What You Know:
5+ years experience working with the Java programming lan=
2+ years of J2EE experience
Design and implementation of secure =
JBoss application server experience
Hibernate/EJB3 Annotations=
MySQL 5 Experience
Structured Build Environment (Apache An=

Experience with finance and fi=
nancial data integration
Knowledge of security and enterprise systems
MySQL replication, performance tuning, and redundancy
JBoss SEAM 2.0 fram=
ework experience
Java Server Faces and RichFaces

Please contact=
nbsp;with interest.”>”>leave-9459970-3502130.8161=