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JOB: part time position at EdLab

This is from ITP Alum, Pravin. Email him with questions, but to
apply, send to the official contact below.

> I am currently an interactive designer at EdLab which is a tech think
> tank at Teachers College, Columbia University working on tech projects
> that have to do with libraries/education/publishing.
> We are looking for part time web developers to work on a couple of
> projects that are currently in the pipeline and thought I would send
> along the posting below. The position is paid but Columbia and TC
> won’t allow the hourly rate posted in the ad…mind passing this to
> the list? if there are any questions people can email me (
> ) but if they plan to apply they have to send
> it to the official email address in the posting.
> Thanks!
> pravin
> _________________________________________________________________
> The EdLab at Teachers College ( ),
> Columbia University is looking for developers to work part-time,
> on-site on upcoming projects. These projects include, but are not
> limited to: redeveloping the Teachers
> College Record ( ) website in Bricolage (
> ); creating a new online gallery for the library
> archive; enhancing the Brightcove implementation (using Brightcove’s
> API) we use for our video player, AfterEd ( ).
> Time Commitment
> Maximum 20 hours per week
> Skills
> ASP, MSSQL, PHP, mySQL, ajax, oop and a LAMP development environment
> is required. Actionscript 3 is preferred but not required.
> For more information on the Lab, please see our Careers page [
> ]. If you are interested in
> applying, please send a resume to
> _________________________________________________________________