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Fwd: [JOB]: Online Community Coordinator for Scratch @ MIT Media Lab

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> Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2008 23:35:16 -050=

> From: mres@MEDIA.MIT.EDU
> Subject: Job anno=
uncement: Online Community Coordinator for Scratch @ MIT Media Lab

> To: CHI=
> Scratch Project (h=
ttp://, MIT Media Lab

> Want to combine your interests in new media, communities, lea=
rning, and
> kids?
> We are looking to hire a full-tim=
e Online Community Coordinator to
> cultivate creativity, learning, a=
nd respect in the Scratch community =96

> where people (ages 8 and up) from around the world program and share > their own interactive stories, games, and animations.
t; As they create and share Scratch projects, young people learn to think

> creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively. Since > Scratch was launched in May 2007, members of the Scratch community hav=
> shared more than 250,000 projects. Scratch has been called "=
the YouTube

> of interactive media."
> The Online Community Coor=
dinator will contribute to the dynamic culture
> of the Scratch commu=
nity by coordinating activities, developing
> resources, and sparking=
interactions among members of the community. The

> coordinator will work at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, MA,
> =
collaborating with the rest of the Scratch development team.
> * Developing overall plans and strategies for man=
aging the online community

> * Actively participating in discussion forums and other online activit=
> * Developing support and learning materials to meet needs of com=
> members
> * Organizing information on site so that mem=
bers can easily find what

> they need
> * Creating online activities to spark participation =
and enhance learning
> * Writing regular blog posts about events, acti=
vities, and trends in the
> Scratch community
> * Coordinating =
moderators who monitor site for inappropriate content

> * Working with rest of MIT Scratch Team to design new features for the=
> * Excellent writing and commun=
ications skills
> * Strong interpersonal skills
> * Experience w=
orking with young people

> * Experience with creative approaches to education and learning
; * Experience moderating, managing, or actively participating in online > communities
> * Understanding of basic computer-programming skil=
ls and concepts

> * Understanding of new web technologies
> * Ability to work inde=
pendently but also a good team member
> Scratch is developed and supported by the Lifelong Kindergart=
en research

> group at the MIT Media Lab ( The Lifelong
> Kindergart=
en group designs new technologies and activities that, in the
> spiri=
t of the blocks and finger paint of kindergarten, engage people in

> creative learning experiences.
> INTERESTED? Send a res=
ume, writing samples, and short description of why
> you are interest=
ed to scratc=

> See for job announcement

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