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JOB: Looking for a small development team for social networking product

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From a friend:
We are looking for a s=
mall development team who can help us build our product.
Our product involves:
(1) connection to=
various APIs
(2) Facebook/google connect

(3) tweeter-like/digg like systems

(4) Amazon store =
(5) Content Management System

(6) Facebook App (7) iPhone App

We =
will provide designs, AI. You and your team will support us with the develop=
ment. However, We are looking for a hands-on team who can work together and =
have productive sessions and not an outsourcing arrangement.

You and your team should be fluent in :

* Ruby on rails.. Php.. Javascript, CSS.. all the obvious programming env=

* Have experiences with flickr API and other AP=
Is of popular services
* Have experiences with creating F=
acebook apps.

We want developers who are local in NYC.

Please email me with your past projects with brief description of your =

The project has aggressive d=
eadline. We would like to meet with a few shops this week and get some propo=
sals. And hope to start the development 1/5/2009.

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